Apple Music vs Amazon Music: Finding The Better Option

Compare Apple Music vs Amazon Music and learn everything you must know about the two music streaming platforms so you can decide which is best for you.
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After Rolling Stone’s new album dropped after 18 long years, I jumped into my Apple Music App, which, unfortunately,  I only got the preview there.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article.  Screenshot of Apple Music desktop app showing the Rolling Stones single Hackney Diamonds image and ready to play the Preview of the song.

I found the track from Amazon Music. However, there were a few complications as well. 

As an audiophile, I use both of them frequently. I have to say these two music platforms have quite similar features. Interestingly, they have noteworthy features that make them quite different from each other. 

Listeners have a few confusions to start with; such as:

  • Should I stay with Apple Music or should I give Amazon Music a fair try? 
  • Which one is actually better: Apple Music or Amazon Music?
  • Which music app has a better music collection for me? 
  • Can I bring my existing playlist to any of these platforms? 

There are a lot of other things to consider as well. The functionality, user experience, sound quality, listener number, playlists, music library, and pricing. 

Here, you will be able to find every single detail about Apple Music and Amazon Music. You will find the overview, advantages, compromises, updated pricing, a little bit of nerdy detail of audio quality, the social sharing options for each platform, and how easy it is to migrate your entire music collection to those platforms.

I will provide you with extensive comparisons between these two giants, which will eventually help you to decide the best music streaming app for you. At the end of the article, you will also find a table with scores comparing side-by-side both platforms. Stay with me till the end of this write-up to understand the scoring based on relevant criteria.

Here is an index to help you jump into what you might be looking for right away:

Also, if you are a hardcore audiophile and looking for more options, you should definitely check out our list of top music platforms for audiophiles.

Are you moving betweek music streaming sergvices? TuneMyMusic can help you move your music playlists and entiry library between Apple Music and Amazon Music with just a few clicks.

Don’t Want To Read The Whole? Have A Quick Look Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Apple Music and Amazon Music are fighting to secure second place after Spotify globally in the musical streaming services right now.

Here are a few things for you busy bees:

  • Both have very similar pricing points. However, Apple won’t not give you any free ad-centric music streaming option, as Amazon Music offers. 
  • Apple Music has a very exclusive set of new releases. Amazon Music joins a bit later.
  • Amazon Music with an Amazon Prime account is golden as you can enjoy ad-free music, podcasts, and All-access playlists. However, you can get access to a huge library and unique radio stations with a single Apple Music subscription. 
  • Functionality, Features and Social Sharing speak for Apple Music. On the other hand, with Echo devices, Amazon Music is super controllable and very convenient for Amazon’s Voice command devices.  
  • Apple Music has a 15% share of the total music streaming service, whereas Amazon Music has a solid 13% share. 
  • Apple Music offers a Classical option with the Apple Music Classical app, which stands apart for classical music lovers.
  • Apple Music is a good fit for Apple since it’s well integrated with its ecosystem, while Amazon Music is great for Amazon Prime customers.

Keep reading for an in-depth analysis and side-by-side of Amazon Music vs Apple Music. If you are interested in more comparisons between the top music streaming platforms, you should definitely check the comparison page for deeper analyses of the major music streaming platforms in the world.

Overview of Apple Music

On June 30, 2015, Apple Music started its journey as one of the largest music streaming platforms with 1 million+ songs in 100 countries. It had exclusives, personalized internet radios, and originals. 

As of this moment, Apple Music has around 100 million+ music in its library. 

Currently, Apple Music is available in around 167+ countries.  

Apple Music is pre-installed on your iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, and TV. Additionally, you can use Apple Music on Windows PCs by going to  or by using iTunes. You can find it on Google Play Store for Androids as well. 

iTunes store was already there with a huge music library as a digital music marketplace since 2003. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine started Beats as one of the top audio brands in 2006. Later on, Beats introduced a subscription-based digital music streaming service. Apple acquired Beats in 2014. After the Beats music subscription was discontinued, Apple started its own music-streaming service with a more extensive music library. And they make it way better! A bunch of popular DJs joined this amazing journey as well.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Apple Music desktop app with call to action to try the service and listen now.

You can stream all of your music from different sources from iTunes, your personal purchases, music from the burned CDs, and whatnot. Every listener is different and diverse in genres and musical influences. The suggestion algorithm of Apple Music genuinely understands you.

For example, I’ve been listening to Pearl Jam since last week. I’m getting Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and a set of Grunge bands as suggestions, all associated with Pearl Jam’s style with good taste.  

However, Internet Radio is one of the most amazing things Apple Music has brought to the table. It’s unbeatable! 

How much is Apple Music subscription?

The subscription options Apple Music offers are: Student discount for $5.99/month, Individual plan for $10.99/month, Family bundle (up to 6 accounts) for $16.99/month, and Apple One bundle (includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, and other Apple services) from $19.95/month to $37.95/month.

Family $16.99/month
Apple One$19.95/month to $37.95/month
Apple Music subscription pricing plans

Apple Music Vs. Amazon Music article. Apple Music option plans showing on Apple Music website.
Source: Apple Music website.

Current prices are aligned with Apple Music competitors, which brings good revenue to Apple through its music streaming service, and shown on Music App Report 2023: Revenues, Market Share & App Usage.

Overview of Amazon Music

In 2007, Amazon started the journey for Amazon Music in a beta format with the name Amazon MP3. Amazon MP3 used to sell songs and albums in mp3 format (256 kbps) without digital rights management. By 2008, it had four major labels: Sony, EMI, Universal, and Warner. 

Fast forward to 2014, Amazon launched Music Prime for Amazon Prime users at no additional cost. In 2016, they introduced Amazon Music Unlimited; a standalone top-tier music streaming subscription service. Back in there,  If you had an Amazon Echo device, you could enjoy this service for just $4.99!

Amazon announced Amazon Music HD On September 17, 2019, which added a lossless quality music streaming service to the platform. It became popular among the audiophiles for the HD and Ultra HD sound.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Amazon Music desktop app dashboard on the home screen with the My Soundtrack playlist option ready to be played.

You can access a vast 100 million+ song library with no ads. With the massive number of 100 million+ tracks and a rising 82.2 million users worldwide, Amazon Music is getting more and more popular. From Alexa-enabled Amazon devices like Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Tablet to Android-enabled devices and iOS devices, you can explore the vast music library anywhere. Amazon Music offers lossless music quality. However, this is only available in the Amazon Music HD

How much is Amazon Music Subscription?

Amazon Music offers multiple options for subscriptions, and the prices are: Single Device Plan (Amazon device with Alexa) for $4.99/month, Student Plan for $5.99/month, Individual Plan $9.99/month, and Family Plan (for up to 6 accounts) $16.99/month.

Individual Plan$9.99/month
Single Device Plan (with Alexa)$4.99/month
Student Plan$5.99/month
Family Plan$16.99/month
Amazon Music subscription plans options.

Who is Listening Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Music streaming platforms target the age range of 18-35-year-old listeners. It’s obvious that people in this age range enjoy a lot of genres of music. They try to explore and get into more genres. At this point, the total music streaming audience worldwide is around 616.2 million. Yes, this huge amount of people get into their smartphones or smart devices, open up a music streaming app, and enjoy their favorite music. In 2016, Amazon Music added 28 more countries to its service list, and in 2020, it had almost doubled its users in the UK, USA, France, Germany, and 4 more countries. 

Listener’s Choice in Number Worldwide 

Apple MusicAmazon Music
Listener (Worldwide)88 Million82.2 Million
Available In (Countries)167*46
Free/Paid UserNo Free Plans54% Free, 46% Paid
Average Age Of Users25-3418-30
Global Market Share(According to IMS business report)

Winner In This RoundApple Music
*Source by** Source by

How Easily Can You Join? 

Getting into a new music app sounds challenging sometimes. You have to register, sync your music library, find out your favorite genres, and other aspects that might delay you from listening to your favorite music! Also, you have to figure out how the features work. 

There is always something new and exciting to discover. Though most of the music streaming apps have a smooth login option, there is competition as well. To log into the app or the web browser, you need an Apple ID for Apple Music and an Amazon account for Amazon Music

One of the best things about Amazon Music would be If you are an Amazon Prime member (Amazon Prime provides extra Amazon-owned services), you can avail of Amazon Music Prime.  Now, you can enjoy ad-free music streaming and even offline listening!

Of course, both of the platforms have different UI, different settings, and different experiences. However, the first glance makes an impact, doesn’t it? Let’s check out.

First Time Experience Using Apple Music vs Amazon Music Streaming Service

Apple Music Amazon Music
ID RequiredApple IDAmazon Account
Multiple Device ConnectivityYesYes
Voice Control AccessSiriAlexa
Genre Selection (First Time)YesNo
Artist Selection (First Time)YesYes
Recommendation (First Time)YesYes
Podcast Topic SelectionYesYes
Offer A Music StationYes(With Apple Music 1)Yes
Winner In This RoundDraw

You might use Apple Music or Amazon Music, or even both like me. If you are already on multiple music streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music, or YouTube Music, you might want to transfer or sync your music libraries from one to another platforms. 

TuneMyMusic makes playlist management easier for multiple music streaming platforms including Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and more in just a few simple steps. 

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Amazon Music website showing the TuneMyMusic and other option to transfer playlists to Amazon Music.
Source: Amazon Music website.

Pricing And Subscription Options for Apple Music and Amazon Music

The Internet has shaped the music listening experience for listeners. 

Back in the 2000s, the monetization of music was very different. Artists had to go through struggles with piracy and a lot of other issues. Right now in 2023, artists are getting paid in much more convenient ways. You are paying for the music directly or indirectly via ads. Mostly, music streaming services come with convenient subscription options that allow paying for the music without having to listen to ads. You can just pick up any option that suits you. Like all the top music platforms, Apple Music and Amazon Music have specific subscription plans. 

In the comparison of pricing, Apple Music has quite a simple and specific list. It’s just 4 straightforward options. Hop into the app, select one, and you can stream your favorite music! If you are a new subscriber to Apple Music and just got the new AirPods or the HomePods, you can get 6 months of free subscriptions to Apple Music. Also, you can find a detailed comparison between the Apple music subscription plans here

On the other hand, Amazon music has wider categories. If you have Amazon Prime, you kind of get more benefits, and you will pay a bit less subscription fees. There are different plans to choose from, such as Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Family Plans, Student Plans, and a lot more!
If you are a Prime user, you have to pay $8.99 for Prime music only.

What Can You Get For Free?

Compared to that, Amazon Music gives you the option to listen to new music, podcast episodes, top playlists, and curated playlists for free. You can enjoy the stations as well. Yet, you have to tolerate the annoying ads and not be able to skip the songs as you wish. 

And speaking of Spotify, check our our full article to see how Amazon Music compares to the world’s leading streaming service.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Amazon Music mobile screen showing the music station based on users preferences with buttons for "Listen Now" and "Listen Later"

Price Comparison Table: Apple Music Vs. Amazon Music

Apple MusicAmazon Music
Free Trial1 Month to 3 Months (If an eligible Apple device is bought)1 Month

Free Availability

Broadcast Radio only
Amazon Music FreeAd-supported selections of Top playlists
Starting Basic Package$10.99/mo$9.99/mo (Prime members) and $10.99/mo (non-Prime customers)

Single Device Plan

$4.99/mo (No HD, Ultra HD, Spatial Sound. Also, can be used in Echo devices only)
Family $16.99/mo 6 members$16.99/mo 6 members (Need a Prime Account)
Annual $119.88$99 (Prime members)
Auto RenewalYesYes
Winner In This RoundAmazon Music

Features and Functionality between Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Both of the music streaming services are jam-packed with features! While Apple Music is bringing the glorious animated album art to the table, Amazon Music still needs better music and playlist recommendations.


Not gonna lie, the Apple Music UI seems a bit overcrowded. However, it comes with preferred categories. While you are searching for your music, you can select your favorite artist, genre, and podcast channels. You can select your favorites from the first login as well. Also, another segment Apple Music shines brighter.

On the Apple Music Library, you are getting:

  • Playlist
  • Artists
  • Genres
  • Songs
  • Music Videos
  • Downloaded Music

Additionally you can get:

  • Made For You (playlists created based on your interest and listening history)
  • TVs and Movies (shows, with exclusive Apple Music Originals)
  • Compilations (playlists of music and artists you liked) 
  • Composers (artists)
  • Home Sharing 

You can use Apple Music Shortcut from the Shortcut App. Basically, you can have more control over your music app. 

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Screenshot showing iOS Shortcuts and Automation.

The fact that you have the option to select the iCloud or the phone storage to have the music is pretty amazing. If you are using iCloud, you are basically carrying the music library everywhere. Oh, you have personalized EQ as well!

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. iOS settings showing the EQ audio options for Apple Music.

Moreover, the Amazon Music web app comes with a simple podcast, playlists, and music option. Connect with any Alexa-controlled device, and you’ll see the much you can experiment with!

Winner In The Features: Amazon Music or Apple Music? 

Apple MusicAmazon Music
Automatic DownloadYesYes
Manual PlaylistYesYes
Library SynchronizationWith iTunesNo
Animated Album ArtYesNo
Offline ListeningYesYes
Smart Sound DynamicAdjust the loudness in different tracksNo
Search With Broad TermsYesNo
SynchronizationiCloud Music LibraryNo
Turning Into RadioYesYes
Personalized UISimple and User-friendlyEasy to use
Easy SharingYesYes
EQ23 options Need third party app
Karaoke ModeYesNo
SuggestionsExtremely PrecisePrecise
Easy To Buy MusicYesYes
Lossless Music StreamingYesYes
Browser AppYesYes
Collab PlaylistNoNo
Search By LyricYesNo
Winner In This RoundApple Music

Music Library Size and Content Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Apple Music wins the international artist game. You will get extremely exclusive albums and music catalogs on your Apple Music app. The music library contains around 100 million songs. Also, a bunch of artists are bringing out amazing works on this streaming service now and then. Oh, I almost forgot about the list of Radio stations!

Speaking of music libraries, Amazon Music is getting there; slow and steady. With the huge 100 million songs, they are focusing on the categorical music segments. 

For example, You will find more Caribbean, Afro, Urbano, and a lot of other categories. There are more curated podcast playlists compared to Apple Music as well.

What Will You Find On Browse?

Apple Music has this outstanding For You option. It genuinely understands your taste in music. Apple Music does this by improving the algorithm through user interactions. Different users have different types of preferences, listening history, genre preferences, and even audio qualities. 

There are other metrics like 

  • How long one user is listening to a song. 
  • How frequently the song is repeated?
  • Is the song skipped very often?
  • How often is the song being shared?

A lot of other metrics are helping the algorithm to understand every single listener better than before and make more personalized suggestions for them. 

On the screen, there will be Your Library, Apple Music, and iTunes Store. Anything you buy from the iTunes store will be in your library. Unlike Amazon Music, it has more straightforward categorical lists; more precisely 48+ categories. Also, you are getting Sapital Audio, Apple Music Live, and of course, Hey Siri Play! Just follow the artists and you will get automatic updates of the artists. 

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Apple Music Categories based on artists and music genre.

Here is a list of Top artists on Apple Music and their followers: 

  1. Ed Sheeran – 58M 
  2. Taylor Swift – 40M 
  3. Drake – 39M
  4. Post Malone – 34M 
  5. Billie Eilish – 32.9M 
  6. The Weekend – 32M

And speaking of the best features, Amazing shows on Live Radio! You must check out Zane Lowe and Dotty.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Apple Music desktop app dashboard Apple Music Radio 1 and other station options.

On the other hand, If you casually click on the Amazon music search bar, you will find Podcast, DJ Mode, and Merch. The CDs, T-shirts, Apparel, Vinyls, and DVDs from the artists available for you to grab in the Merch section. Check out Aerosmith’s amazing merch list. They are pretty cool!

You will also find

  • 19 genre-based categories 
  • 11 List, station-specific categories
  • 9 Mood-based categories
  • 23 podcast categories

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Amazon Music desktop app dashboard showing music genre options like Country, Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, LATIN, R&B, etc.

One of the best things on this app would be the Amazon Music Originals. 

Just look at the artists here:

  • Forest Claudette
  • Zach Bryan
  • Sam Smith 
  • Luke Grimes 
  • Nubya Garcia

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Amazon Music desktop app showing Amazon Music originals screen with the original catalog by the platform.

And countless more! Also, the Amazon Original Videos have some of the finest content out there.

Playlist and Artist List Comparison: Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Apple MusicAmazon Music
Library Size100 million songs100 million songs
Top ArtistsEd Sheeran 
Top PlaylistsToday’s HitsIt’s LitFeeling HappyUnpluggedTop 100 USATrance EssentialsCountry HeatMellow ‘70s GoldAll HitsClassical FocusMellow ‘80s GoldClassic Rock Hits
Most Streamed SongShape of You – Ed Sheeran (930 million)Doesn’t share the streaming data publicly
Winner In This Round Apple Music

Let’s Talk Audio Quality Between Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Apple has always been nitpicky about sound quality. Currently, all of the songs are available in AAC or ALAC format for the most authentic sound. If you sync your library, your songs with AIFF, WAV format will change into AAC format. With Apple Airpods or HomePods, you will get the best surrounding sound experience. The magic is Dolby Atmos

On the other hand, Amazon Music is still in FLAC and MP3 format, which is great! You are getting the Dolby Atmos sound quality with a standard subscription. More in this list, you will also have a Sony 360 reality audio experience with an Alexa-based device (you have to use Alexa cast and 360 reality audio certified headphones, soundbars, or home theaters as well). That is one of the most remarkable sound experiences ever, as it ensures the originality of the tracks. It will sound more like it was recorded. 

This is how the Sony 360 reality audio experience works: Say, the drums are supposed to be played from the back and the guitar is played from the right, you will get the sound the same way. More importantly, you will feel the surrounding experience by distinguishing different instrument sounds in different placements with a proper blend. 

A Bit Nerdy Sound Comparison Between Apple Music and Amazon Music

Apple MusicAmazon Music
Online Music Player Quality256 kbps256 kbps
Supported FormatAAC, ALACFLAC, MP3

CD Quality256 Kbps16-bit/44.1 kHzAACPrime Music256 kbps16-bit/44.1 kHzMp3
Lossless850 Kbps24-bit/48kHz ALACAmazon Music HD850 kbps16-bit/44.1 kHzFLAC
Hi-Res Lossless3730 Kbps24-bit/192 kHzALACAmazon Music Ultra HD3730 kbps24-bit/192 kHzFLAC
360-degree SoundDolby Atmos(Only with Apple devices)Dolby AtmosSony 360 reality audio(Only with Alexa cast and 360 reality audio certified sound devices)
Similar Sound In Separate DevicesYesNo24/96 sample rate goes down to 24/48
DAC required for better SoundNoYes
Winner In This RoundApple Music

We Need Sharing! How to do it between Apple Music vs Amazon Music

Those days are long gone when you and your friends have to share your newly bought Green Day physical CD album! We are just one click away from sharing our favorite albums with our favorite people. 

However, is it just one click for all the platforms? 

Amazon Music has a limited direct sharing option. It is just Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Mail. Yes, you can always share the direct link to the other social media platforms. However, it would be great to have more social media icons on the share options, wouldn’t it? If you are an artist, Amazon Music actually does a good job of social sharing. Album report or Song report pages have share links with dedicated social media icons. Artists can share individual tracks with more convenience now. 

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Amazon Music sharing option on desktop app.

Apple Music stands out here. You can directly share in the leading social media platforms using just the Share option. Sharing lyrics is a big deal to a lot of listeners. With Apple Music, you can select and share the parts of the lyric you want. Thanks, Apple!

Apple Music Vs. Amazon Music article. Mobile screenshot showing Apple Music playlist menu option.
Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. Mobile screenshot showing Apple Music social media share option.

Are We Sharing Enough?

Apple MusicAmazon Music
Facebook StoryYesYes
Snapchat StoryYesYes
Instagram StoryYesYes
TikTok StoryYesNo
Share LyricsYes, From iOS 14.5No
Share With A Friend Who Doesn’t Have The AppYesYes
Winner In This RoundApple Music

What Do Artists Get? 

One of the best outcomes of these leading music streaming apps is artists are finally reaching their audience in every way possible. Artists are selling their merch, live show tickets, interviews, and sellable content on these platforms. 

Listeners or fans like to know how much they are supporting their favorite artists from their streaming. Luckily, both of the streaming services are very open about their artist payment statistics. 

Here’s the amount Amazon Music and Apple Music pay to the artists:

Apple Music Amazon Prime Music
Per Stream Pay$0.00675$0.00426
Artist MerchNoYes

Live Concert Tickets
(through third party ticket selling sites)
(Invitation only, through third party ticket selling sites )
Winner In This RoundDraw

How Strong They Are About Music Piracy?

According to the report of Online Copyright Infringement in EU 2023, digital piracy had slowed down in the time frame of 2017-2021. However, the piracy again struck with a 3.3% hike in 2022

Apple introduced iTunes a long time ago. A move that helped to create a somewhat monopoly in the music streaming market. Later on, a lot of big names like Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music joined the market, democratizing access to music and making it more affordable to listen to music on demand. 

At this point, there is no reason to do music piracy or not to pay your artists. Still, digital piracy is a problem in 2023. To prevent this digital piracy, Digital Rights Management or DRM is introduced. What DRM does is protect the rights of the copyright holders over their content and prevent illegal downloads and distributions.   

Apple MusicAmazon Music
DRM protectedYesYes
Winner In This RoundDraw

What Do We Get Extra?

Both music streaming services have unique and exclusive content and features. You will get early releases or previews from Apple Music exclusive artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Drake. On Amazon Music, you will get the Amazon Music Originals.  

Speaking of extra features, Apple Music subscribers can avail Apple Music Classical with no additional charge. If you are a classical music fan, Apple Music Classical can be a phenomenal option for you. The catalog includes more than 5 million tracks! You can also know about the composers and their works while listening to the tracks. 

Another distinguishable feature Apple Music offers is the Karaoke mode with Apple Music Sing which is unavailable on Amazon Music.

        Apple Music        Amazon Music
Beats 1 Radio
Library Sync with iCloud
Apple Music Originals
Apple Music Replay
Apple Music Sing (Karaoke)
Alexa Control
Amazon Music Originals

So Who Wins On Amazon Music vs Apple Music?

Apple Music and Amazon Music provide particular and unique features. It’s a tough call for the winner as they both serve the listeners with amazing services. If you consider audio quality, social sharing, and great user experience, you can pick Apple Music. Then again, if you own an Amazon Prime account and you like to enjoy high-quality music with a vast music catalog, or you don’t mind the short ads between your music, you can get a convenient Amazon Music subscription.  

While considering user experiences, music library, audio quality, exclusive features, pricing, and a few other aspects, Apple Music stays a bit ahead of Amazon Music

Let’s See The Final Score: Apple Music Vs. Amazon Music

Apple MusicAmazon Music
User Experience 9391
Pricing 9295
Features 9592
Music Library9590
Audio Quality9690
Social Media Sharing 9290
Integration With Devices9090
Integration With TuneMyMusic100100
Final Score94.1392.3
Final WinnerApple Music

Music Transfer and Library Migration Between Apple Music and Amazon Music 

Be it Apple Music, YouTube Music, or Amazon Music, we all have a dedicated playlist that’s just ours. We know what track comes after what and the sequence or the list is very important to us, right?

Sometimes it gets annoying when we have to shuffle our apps just to get the perfect song. You know what I am talking about.

In these situations, we have no other option than to transfer our playlists from one platform to another. If you are on these music streaming platforms, you know the playlist transfer is a bit tricky. TuneMyMusic is here to help you to transfer your playlist in the easiest way possible.  
With TuneMyMusic, you can have the best solution for music library and playlist management. It supports TIDAL, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Yandex Music, and 17 more music streaming platforms. You can transfer your own precious playlist to other platforms with simple four steps.

How To Transfer Playlists Between Platforms Easily

Step 1: Select your music source.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. TuneMyMusic transfer playlist options. Image 1 first step of 4. Selecting the source platform.

Step 2: Select your desired playlist.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. TuneMyMusic transfer playlist options. Image 2 second step of 4. Selecting the playlist to share.

Step 3: Select your destination and hit start transfer.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. TuneMyMusic transfer playlist options. Image 3 third step of 4. Selecting the target destination platform.

Step 4: Review the details about the transfer, and when ready, hit “Start Transfer”.

Apple Music vs Amazon Music article. TuneMyMusic transfer playlist options. Image 4 fourth step of 4. Summirized before transfering playlists between platforms.

Finally, You have all your playlists on your desired platform now! Done!

If you are still confused about which music streaming service would be perfect for you, here is a list of the best music streaming services. Find yourself a suitable one and start streaming your favorite music today!

Happy listening!