Spotify vs Deezer – Comparing Spotify And Deezer Music Streaming Services

The streaming industry is flooded with music apps that offer pretty much similar features. I have tried two of the leading ones in this market, Spotify and Deezer. The good, the bad and the verdict, laid before you brief and to the point. The ultimate verdict in the case of Spotify vs Deezer.
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This article is part of our series of comparisons between music streaming platforms. We have compared the best names in the music streaming industry so you can make the right choice for you.

In this article, we have compared Deezer vs. Spotify, two of the biggest and oldest names in this industry. Find out now feature-by-feature which one is the right one so you can get the best out of your music streaming service. First, we will start listing what Spotify has to offer then we will check Deezer. In the end, we compare both and have our conclusion with a table score for each platform feature. All well organized and detailed for you.


Spotify‘s algorithm is strong. It monitors almost every move you make on the app taking in consideration every piece of info to fine-tune your music to high levels of accuracy. It even calculates the tunes you skip to consolidate a true reflection of your taste. Discover Weekly is a nice feature. It collects all the data from the previous week and creates a fresh playlist from it. From week to week the accuracy gets sharper.

Spotify app personalization

UX and Interface

Spotify has a killer interface. It’s friendly, it’s easy to navigate and it offers various exploring options. Usually you don’t have to make too much effort to find what you’re looking for.

Spotify app interface

Spotify works with playlists. You integrate your favorite songs within playlists you easily set and the navigations among those are simple and intuitive.

For ideas on playlist names, Check Now The Best of The Best Playlist Names Ideas. It’s a fun and great tutorial with incredible ideas to come up with your own unique playlist name.

Spotify vs Deezer. Spotify dashbord to add song to a playlist.

In the top part of your home screen you’ll find your personally generated playlists like: Old songs I used to like and New releases which consists of songs it thinks you might like. These playlists will loyally serve you at times you don’t feel like working too hard.

Spotify desktop dashboard
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One of the major advantages of Spotify is its ability to communicate with almost every device hooked to the internet: Streamers, smart TV’s, X-BOX and other consoles, smart speakers, sound systems, Linux desktops and the list goes on. With the help of Spotify connect you can use your main device as a remote for other devices which is nice if you have different devices logged to your router and you want to spread the music around. It also has great communication with external apps, like navigation apps for example. This will allow you to play Spotify without having to minimize the map while driving.

Spotify social feature menu.


You can sign up to Spotify using your FB account. This is due to the Facebook integration which allows you to share songs with your friends very easily. Spotify will show you all your FB friends which are using Spotify within its interface. You can add any of them to your favorites and explore their shared playlists. Prefer to explore the collection of a total stranger? with 191 million active users (83 million of which are paying customers) this task is going to be easy to execute.

You can set and manage playlists together easily and quickly. Collaborative playlists is a feature that allows you to share playlists with friends in a way that grants management permissions to all of you in advance. In the social sense, Spotify is definitely the king.

Spotify app on a mobile phone display

Music Collection

As of November 2018 Spotify is available in 78 countries that mutually generate a collection of more than 40 million tracks. This collection is about 20% smaller than Deezer’s but what compensates is so many subscribed users and such comfortable sharing features which will expose you to other people’s great collections and allow you to easily append their collection to your own.

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Sound Quality

Spotify supplies 320kbps Ogg Vorbis high-quality streaming for Premium users and 128kbps for free-plan users. If you are using sensitive sound equipment then the difference will be evident, otherwise, not so much.


Besides sound quality, the main difference between the free and paid plans is the commercials. They can be quite irritating and take a considerable portion of your screen display. Plus, premium plan will give you the ability to listen to music offline.

Deezer app desktop dashboard


Deezer learns your preferences with the help of three main methods. First off, at the beginning of your use you’ll be required to choose genres and artists that you love. This will be the base of your musical identity on Deezer. Later, you will choose music from Deezer’s catalogue and tag likes or dislikes to songs you will encounter. Taking all of those in consideration, Deezer does a pretty good job at consolidating your musical persona.

UX and Interface

Deezer has a feature called FLOW. This is like a shuffle radio consisting of your musical taste. The music its playing will generate according to the methods I have detailed in the prior paragraph, and FLOW is your opportunity to improve your acquaintance with Deezer – The more you like or dislike songs on FLOW, the more accurate your music feed will get. I recently heard a funny comparison between Deezer and Tinder. Not only are the names alike, but the interface and method are similar as well: you get all-screen-sized thumbnails appearing on the screen and then you must determine each fate: yay or nay. This is the drill, basically. Other than that, you have playlists Deezer generates for you daily.

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Deezer app on a mobile phone display


Deezer allows you to connect to various devices. Desktops, wearables, speakers, cars etc. BUT you can only be connected to three devices at once which means that if you want to add the fourth one, you’ll need to remove one of the connected devices first. For most people this is irrelevant but for technology freaks like me, a bummer. You can solve this by subscribing to the Family plan which will allow you to simultaneously interact with six profiles.

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There are approximately 14 million active users on Deezer, 7 million of them paying for premium accounts. Deezer lets you connect to social media via one profile at a time. For me that’s utterly enough. This will allow you to share songs you are listening to and share your favorite tracks and artists. Spotify clearly wins this round given the fact that their social features allow you to share and manage shared playlists together plus the ability to explore your FB friend’s music within the app.

Music Collection

When it comes to quantity, Deezer leads ahead with over 53 million tracks. I think that this is thanks to the wide range of countries Deezer is available in: over 180 countries in comparison to Spotify that’s available only in 78 countries holding a collection of approximately 40 million tracks. Deezer also offers more than 30,000 radio channels including entertainment, news and podcasts.

Image showing lists of titles, albums and artists.

Sound Quality

Free subscription gives you 128kbps whereas paid users get either 320kbps for the standard subscription or FLAC quality for HIFI plan which is the highest. This compression streams 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz of FLAC quality which is the closest to analogue recording you’ll get to day. This is a huge advantage for Deezer.


It’s funny how the prices of both apps are almost the same. I think this happens due to the big similarity between the apps. This makes sense in the strategic sense. Once one of the apps puts higher price, it automatically gives the competitor the price advantage, not a very tactical move, so prices remain the same. Why subscribe to a paid account on Deezer?

Spotify plans banner showing free and premium.

Basically you get the standard paid services which Spotify supply as well: ad-free experience, the ability to listen to music offline, better sound quality. The family plan will grant you six profiles to use on your different net-based devices, and the one particularly interesting plan is HIFI that gives you access to FLAC quality.

The Verdict, Spotify vs Deezer.

Let’s sum it up.

When it comes to learning one’s musical taste and habits it seems to me that Spotify’s algorithms work in a deeper and more thorough way than Deezer’s. Moving along to UX/UI experience, I actually like Deezer’s interface better. I know that I am at a minority here but for me the idea of one steady permanent feed that includes everything in – is great. One mega playlist on shuffle has always worked best for me plus I like the minimalist design. Connectivity wise Spotify is leading thanks to the ability to log your premium account to as many devices as you like (max three at Deezer with premium account). Spotify continues to lead in the social area as well giving much richer features in the sharing field. When it comes to the quality of sound, Deezer wins unanimously supplying its HIFI accounts the longed-for FLAC sound quality.

Deezer logo
UX and Interface8590
Sound Quality8595
Average grade9087

And the winner is…

I’d say that If you are a sound fanatic to which obtaining the best sound quality is the agenda, go with Deezer. If your main goal is to get as accurate results as possible within time OR if you’re a list p]erson that likes to categorize things OR if social features like the ability to explore other users collection is of interest to you, than yeah, go with Spotify.

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If you still think none of those services is yet up to your standards. In that case, you can check our blog with more articles comparing streaming services, such as Apple Music vs. Spotify, or even a deep analysis of the newcomer Tidal and comparing it with Spotify.

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