How to Make a Spotify Blend? Introducing Spotify Playlist Collaboration

Learn how to make a blend on Spotify. Collaborate with your favorite people to build the ultimate playlist.
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It’s no secret that Spotify’s shared playlists are popular. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or even Snapchat, people keep sharing these things.

Spend a few minutes in the musical corner of Reddit, and you’re almost certain to find a shared Spotify playlist for virtually every type of mood or occasion. If you haven’t yet, check out our article on the Best Playlist Names to get you started with your search.

When you collaborate with friends to make a playlist, it can be difficult to share ideas and get everyone on the same page about what songs go, what mood they want the music in—and even how to name it once finished.

That’s why Spotify has launched Blend, a new feature that allows multiple users to create and edit playlists collaboratively. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what it is — and how you can start making your own blends on Spotify!

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What Is Spotify Blend?

Spotify Blend is a collaborative playlist on Spotify that combines your music taste with the tastes of other users. You can discover new music and see how your taste compares to your friends or family members. The point? To have fun, of course.

Music has always been a unifying force. Spotify launched Blend to take listening with friends further than ever.

The goal was to create playlists that combine everyone’s taste in music into one ultimate playlist.

Spotify’s Blend lets you collaborate with up to 10 people while building your newest Spotify playlists.

We can already hear the whole squad jamming out on the next get-together.

How to make a blend on Spotify a Spotify Blend article. How to create a Spotify Blend article. Spotify Blend's promotion banner showing phones with story-like cards generated when creating a blend with someone.
Source: Spotify website

To make the feature more popular and accessible, the company decided you don’t need to be a Spotify Premium member to use the Blend feature. 

However, if you are curious about the difference between Spotify’s Free and Premium plans, be sure to check our article, Premium vs. Free Spotify: Which Is Right for You.

How to make a Spotify Blend article. A screenshot of a blend with artist Diplo on Spotify.

How To Make A Blend On Spotify

There are two ways to create a blend on Spotify. The first way to create a Spotify Blend is:

  • 1. Open Your Spotify App.
  • 2. Tap “Your Library”.
  • 3. Select “Blend”.
  • 4. You’ll see the “Invite” option.
  • 5. Copy the Spotify Blend link and send it to friends.
  • 6. When they get the invite, they’ll see the option to “Join This Blend.”
  • 7. Once your friend has accepted the invite, the app will generate your shared Blend Spotify playlist.

The Spotify Blend playlist will also include cards that tell you how similar or different your tastes are.

You can get cute messages like, “If you two aren’t best friends yet, you should be!”

You will even be able to see which songs were added for which friend.

After everyone has joined the collaborative playlist, you and your friends will receive a custom share card that you can use to spread the word on social media.

How to create a Spotify Blend article. Plus sign in Your Library screen to create a new Spotify Blend.
Plus sign on Your Library screen
How to create a Spotify Blend article. Selecting to create a Playlist or Blend after tapping on the Plus sign.
Option to create a new playlist or a blend on Spotify mobile app.

The second way to create a Spotify Blend with your group is:

How to create a Spotify Blend article. Create a Blend option on a mobile app.
Blend page after finding upon search.
  • 1. Open Your Spotify app.
  • 2. Tap the search option.
  • 3. Search “Blend”.
  • 4. You’ll see option bubbles underneath the search bar, tap on “Genres & Moods”.
  • 5. Tap “Blend”.
  • 6. Tap on the square with a + sign to create a blend.
  • 7. You’ll see the “Invite” option.
  • 8. Copy the Spotify Blend link and send it to your friends.
  • 9. Enjoy your Blend playlist!
Screen to invite new people to join the Spotify Blend playlist
Screen to invite new people to join the Spotify Blend playlist

How to Make a Spotify Blend With an Artist

Fun fact – you can now use Spotify Blend to find out how your favorite music artist’s tastes compare to yours. Over 20 artists are available, actually.

Some of them are BTSCharli XCXJO1Kacey MusgravesLauvMegan Thee StallionBE:FIRSTMimi WebbNiziUTai VerdesXamãCamiloDiploAngèleBadshahKim LoaizaCROBenjamin IngrossoBennett Coast, and AB6IX.

Each of those links allows you to create a new blend with them.

So, to create a Blend with your favorite artists on Spotify, just follow these steps:

  • 1. Check the artist’s social media or news update to find the Blend invite link. Or you can simply use one of the links listed in this artilce.
  • 2. Tap the link and open it in your Spotify app.
  • 3. The app will open with the cards of the Blend between you and the artist’s profile.
  • 4. Tap “Go to your Blend” on the last card.
  • 5. Now you just need to favorite this playlist, and it will be saved in your library or in your Blends.
How to make a blend on Spotify a Spotify Blend article. Playlist generated by Spotify after creating a Blend with an artist profile.

How to Find My Spotify Blend Playlists

You can view your Blends by checking the saved playlists – it’s simple. You can also do it by searching for your blends under the Genre section.

Your Spotify Blend cards are available through the blend page you have made with someone. Just tap the three dots on the playlist and select the “View Blend story” option.

Spotify Blend will create a playlist combining some of your favorite artists’ songs with the tracks you like best. Spotify will also give you a card featuring a taste-match score, showing how well your tastes align.

How to make a Spotify blend article. Three Story-like cards images generated by Spotify when you create a Spotify Blend with an artists.

Another great thing about Blend Spotify is that they’re dynamic. As you and your Blend friends listen to more music, the playlist will update to reflect your changing tastes. You can also share the Blend with others by sending them a link or sharing it on social media.

How to Transfer Spotify Blend Playlist to Another Streaming Service

You can transfer your Spotify Blend playlist to any streaming service using TuneMyMusic, keep it synced, or even make an offline backup.

The first step to transferring your Spotify Blend playlist to another service is to create a new playlist that you own from Spotify Blend. To do so, you need to:

  • 1. Access the Blend you have created.
  • 2. Tap the three dots to activate the menu.
  • 3. Select “Add to other playlist”.
  • 4. Choose the option to create a new playlist.
  • 5. Name your new playlist.

Now you will have a playlist you can manage and transfer to wherever you want using TuneMyMusic. To transfer it using the service, do the following:

  • 1. Access the TuneMyMusic website and hit “Let’s start”.
  • 2. Choose Spotify as your source for the transfer.
  • 3. Select the playlist that you own and that you have created from the Blend. You might have to deselect the “My Spotify Music Library” option and select just the playlist you have created from the Blend. Now tap or click “Choose Destination”.
  • 4. Select the target platform to which you want to transfer your Spotify Blend Playlist. 
  • 5. Double-check if you have selected the right playlist, and then hit “Start Transfer”.

The transfer will start. Once it finishes, you will have your Spotify Blend playlist transferred to the other service that you chose. 

What Can I Use Spotify Blend For? Is It Worth It?

Sure it’s worth it! Spotify Blend is not the be-all-end-all of Spotify features, but it’s a cool little touch. Here are a few cool ways you can use it.

  • Fitness Face-offs: You can join forces with a gym buddy to create a motivational Blend playlist. You show what gets you pumped for a good workout session, discover new music – what’s not to like?
  • Travel Tunes: If you’re about to go on a trip with friends, start a Blend playlist. Everyone involved can add songs that remind them of the destination, or simply tracks they want to listen to on the journey. You’ll make your own travel soundtrack.
  • Remote Work Rhythms: Remote work is here to stay, and creating a Blend playlist with colleagues is an easy form of team building. You will share work vibe, discover music, and get a few conversation starters.
  • Long-Distance Relationship Mix: If you’re in a long-distance relationship, a Blend playlist can keep you connected through music. Update it regularly to include songs that remind you of each other or tracks you want to share.
  • Celebration Circles: This is the obvious choice. For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or whatever, create a Blend playlist where everyone can chime in. Friends and family can add songs that have special meaning, creating a personalized soundtrack for their special day.

How to make a blend on Spotify article. Spotify dashboard screenshot.
Source: Spotify

How Spotify Blend Works With Existing Features

Spotify Blend is still part of the Spotify ecosystem in a way that you can blend it with existing features and bend it in a way that fits you best. It’s still all about group activity, though. A few tips below.

  • Combine Blend and Party Mode with Group Session: Try linking up your Blend playlist with Group Session. It’s like having a listening party where everyone’s DJing at the same time. Perfect for when you’re chilling in different places but want to feel like you’re hanging out together.
  • New Finds with Discover Weekly: Consider how your Blend playlist influences your Discover Weekly selections. While not a direct feature integration, the songs you and your friends add to your Blend playlist can inform Spotify’s algorithm, potentially introducing new tracks into each person’s Discover Weekly playlist
  • Never-Ending Tunes with Spotify Radio: By starting a Spotify Radio station based on your Blend playlist, you extend the journey, exploring new tracks and artists that resonate with the shared preferences of you and your friend. A nice way to broaden your musical horizons even further.
  • Visual Vibes with Spotify Canvas: As you explore your Blend playlist, tracks featuring Canvas visuals offer a richer, more engaging experience. Though subtle, this visual element adds depth to your listening, making the discovery process within Blend playlists even more immersive.

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