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Do you remember those movies in which every single character would suddenly break out into a perfectly choreographed dance when music played, no matter what he/she/they were doing before?

The movie 500 Days of Summer is a great example of how music can set the tone for an entire scene.

In the film 500 Days of Summer, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character Tom is elated to have slept with his dream girl, “Summer” (Zooey Deschanel), and steps outside into a dance number set to Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams.” The happiness Tom feels is infectious—so much so that everyone he meets in New York City begins to dance, in complete sync to the number, with him.

Although it might be impossible to create a perfect random flash mob every time our mood is just right, we can get pretty close by creating playlists that fit these moods. Even better, we can name the playlists to fit our day; knowing that once you press play, there will be no doubt that they’re perfect for what you need.

Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube are all great music streaming services. They offer a huge collection of songs and videos, for some, that can make your life more fun. They also allow you to create playlists with your favorite songs, which helps you make plans with friends or share what you listen to with others on social media.

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Share and manage all your playlists in just one place. With TuneMyMusic, it is possible to completely own your digital music library, share it with anyone independently to the music streaming service they use, and move your playlists to any music platform.

If you’re looking to build a playlist that will fit your mood, motivate you during study sessions, pump up your heart before workouts, or get the party started with friends, look no further! In the end, we, music lovers, know that not all playlists are created equally.

In this blog post, you’ll find a collection of playlist name ideas in categories such as Playlist Names For When You’ve Booked A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel, Road Trip Playlist Names, Playlist Names To Set The Mood For Romance, and more. We’ve attached links to the top 5 playlists in every category to help you feed your creative side.

Keep reading after you’ve perused our lists of winning playlist names for our curated tips and tricks to help you build your own ultimate playlist; coming up with the perfect name for it will be the icing on top.

Quick links to the Playlist list names:

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The Funniest Playlist Names

We could all use a little humor in our lives, so why not build the perfect playlist to get you in the right frame of mind? While not all these playlists are meant to tickle your funny bone (hello, emo), the titles sure are.

Look to these playlist titles for inspiration; what sparks your creativity? Is it songs played while you’re guzzling margaritas with your girlfriends? Or soothing tunes to help subside road rage during your long commute? Find what speaks to you and get busy making your perfect playlist.

  1. 1. Songs that make me question my life
  2. 2. Ex Girlfriends Club
  3. 3. An Incomplete List of Songs I Love That You Probably Hate
  4. 4. If you like anxiety, you should try depression
  5. 5. My Favorite Trashy Pop Songs for When I’m Feeling Basic ??
  6. 6. Dance to These If You Want To Get Fired
  7. 7. It’s rude it isn’t Friday
  8. 8. This senorita needs a margarita
  9. 9. Music is cheaper than therapy
  10. 10. I make pour ​? decisions
  11. 11. it’s not a phase mom (emo-pop/mall-emo and post-hardcore)
  12. 12. One for when the homies ain’t around
  13. 13. Songs that were stuck in my head for a really long time
  14. 14. Tunes for when the robots rise up and accuse us of cultural appropriation
  15. 15. Summer…of I don’t know, I hope not depression, cuz it’s getting old at this point
  16. 16. Cowabunga, mom
  17. 17. You’re hot, cupcake
  18. 18. it’s my mental breakdown, i get to choose the music!
  19. 19. pH balance of 14
  20. 20. I’ll take emo again for 500 Alex

Playlist Names For When You’ve Booked A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel

We’ve all been there, sad, broken-hearted, or maybe feeling angry and vengeful. Either way, a breakup can have you feeling all the feels, and nothing will understand your emotions better than a perfect breakup song.

Making a playlist for each stage of your emotional journey can help you heal. Try building a playlist for where you are in the moment but also create one of hope and excitement for where you want to be when you’re ready to move on.

  1. 1. Catch Flights, Not Feelings
  2. 2. Picking up the Pieces While You’re Broken Hearted
  3. 3. When Life Gets Hard, Put on a Breakup Song or Ten
  4. 4. Breakup for breakdown
  5. 5. Heartbroken but Still Hotter Than Everyone
  6. 6. Crying Pillow
  7. 7. Maybe Not Baby
  8. 8. Wake Up in the Morning and Your SO Isn’t Next to you
  9. 9. The Tear Ducts
  10. 10. My Ex Is Trash
  11. 11. Still Think About You
  12. 12. Rehab
  13. 13. Makeup Remover
  14. 14. When You Don’t Know WTF To Feel
  15. 15. When All You Want Is Your Dog And Your Pickup Truck
  16. 16. When You’re Weirdly OK With Your Split
  17. 17. Go Big – And Scream
  18. 18. Go Your Own Way
  19. 19. Gonna get over you
  20. 20. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

How about if you’re the best friend with an awesome playlist to cheer up your brokenhearted buddy? But… You can’t share your playlist because they have Apple Music, and your playlist lives on Spotify. That’ll never work, right?

Wrong. TuneMyMusic’s newest program feature allows you to share playlists between platforms. So, even if your best friend won’t admit that androids are better than iPhones, you can still help them heal their broken heart.

Friends using smartphone to take a picture and drinking beer on a music festival.

Did you like any of the playlists you found here in this article but don’t have Spotify? No problem. You can use Tune My Music to copy and transfer any playlist you like on Spotify to have it in your favorite streaming service. Use those playlists on Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and any other music app you may use.

Playlist Names To Help You Get The Party Started

Everyone needs a go-to party playlist. Whether pregaming at home or trying to kick off a party, build a playlist full of driving beats and pump up the volume.

When building your party playlist, think about where you’ll be playing it and who will be listening. Keeping that in mind will get you the perfect party playlist each and every time.

  1. 1. The Soundtrack to Your Summer
  2. 2. The Quirkiest Dance Party In The World
  3. 3. A Playlist for Every Occasion
  4. 4. Here’s to the good times
  5. 5. Turn Up the Volume
  6. 6. Dance with Somebody
  7. 7. Last Friday Night
  8. 8. Last Minute Party Playlist
  9. 9. Party Next Door
  10. 10. Hype It Up
  11. 11. Powerful Vibes
  12. 12. Bachelorette Party Playlist
  14. 14. Tomorrow x together
  15. 15. Songs drunk girls get excited about
  16. 16. Groove Zone
  17. 17. Cocktails & Dreams
  18. 18. All Together Now
  19. 19. Songs with nothing but beat drops
  20. 20. Right On The Dance Floor

Road Trip Playlist Names

In the movie Identity Thief, Melissa McCarthy rocks out to every song Jason Bateman puts on the radio as they cruise down the highway. She knows every word of every song. Isn’t that just how road trips are supposed to be? Singing away the long miles seems to make the trip go by much faster.

Create the perfect playlist with easy beats and songs with words everyone knows to help pass the miles. Make memories that last a lifetime with their very own soundtrack.

Shot of pretty young women singing while driving a car on road trip on beautiful summer day.

  1. 1. Classic Road Trip Songs
  2. 2. Drive Through The Mountains
  3. 3. Throwbacks To Scream To In The Car
  4. 4. nighttime drive
  5. 5. Road Trip Sing-Along Songs
  6. 6. It’s Time To Get Going
  7. 7. Family Road Trip
  8. 8. Road Trip Vibes
  9. 9. Driving In The Rain
  10. 10. Soul Scroll
  11. 11. Travelers
  12. 12. Driving Fast
  13. 13. Rough Riders
  14. 14. Highway Stuff
  15. 15. Oh, The Places We Go
  16. 16. Shotgun Rider
  17. 17. Car Concerts
  18. 18. What A Trip
  19. 19. She’s A Little Runaway
  20. 20. Go! Go! Go!

Playlist Names To Help You Achieve Maximum Effort In Your Workouts

Who doesn’t like inspirational beats flowing through their earphones as they pump up their muscles? And for hitting the elliptical or treadmill, you definitely need a power playlist to help push you toward the finish line.

Shot of a sporty young man listening to music while exercising outdoors.

Choosing your playlist name can be just as important as the songs on it. Pick something powerful that inspires you and choose songs that have a good steady beat and make you feel confident and strong.

  1. 1. Let Me Get a Pump In
  2. 2. Max Out the Volume, Max Out Your Lifts
  3. 3. Songs That Make Me Feel Like I Could Run a Marathon
  4. 4. Glow-Up Loading
  5. 5. Songs That Make Me Hate Burpees a Little Less
  6. 6. What Would Beyonce Do
  7. 7. Be a Badass With a Good Ass
  8. 8. Run Like You’re Being Chased
  9. 9. Salute your (gym) shorts
  10. 10. (t)Werk Out
  11. 11. The Gym Is Cheaper Than Therapy
  12. 12. Run Without Dying
  13. 13. Don’t Need Pre-Workout
  14. 14. Songs That Make Me Feel Powerful
  15. 15. Full Body Experience
  16. 16. Any Time Fitness
  17. 17. Beast Mode: Activated
  18. 18. Aggressively Happy Vibes
  19. 19. Plank So Hard
  20. 20. Gym Demon Time

Playlist Names To Set The Mood For Romance

When inviting your significant other over to Netflix and chill, you might never need to turn on the TV or smart speaker if you have the right playlist on when they get there. It’s all about setting the mood.

Build your playlist with purpose, from slow and seductive makeout music to beat-driven hot and sexy jams. Tonight is the night-build your playlist, put on a bottle of wine to chill, and call your significant other to come over.

  1. 1. Amorous Desire
  2. 2. Love Spell Ballads
  3. 3. Snuggle Favorites
  4. 4. Chocolate and Wine
  5. 5. Smooch anthems you and me forever
  6. 6. Cuddle Bangers
  7. 7. Warm Embrace
  8. 8. Just You and Me
  9. 9. Smash (the) Bros
  10. 10. Makeout Music
  11. 11. Pure Moods
  12. 12. Date Night
  13. 13. The Art Of Eye Contact
  14. 14. Bedroom Acoustics
  15. 15. Silk Sheets
  16. 16. Make Out Sessions
  17. 17. Hold Me Closer
  18. 18. Beats Between The Sheets
  19. 19. Make Up And Make Out
  20. 20. The Most Romantic Songs In The World

Playlist Names To Fit Your Aesthetic

Then there are times you need a playlist just because you need a playlist. And that’s ok. It may be as much fun creating this list as it is listening to it. It’s a whole mood, so enjoy it.

  1. 1. WAP (Worship and Praise)
  2. 2. Emo Throwbacks
  3. 3. I Am The Primordial Goddess
  4. 4. Puff Puff Play
  5. 5. Black Sheep Anthems
  6. 6. Heartcore Pop
  7. 7. Depression And Dirty Laundry
  8. 8. Born in the wrong generation
  9. 9. Sad Goth Twerking
  10. 10. Manifestation Mantras
  11. 11. Gore Rhythm
  12. 12. Zombie Playoffs
  13. 13. Being a Misfit ? ? ?
  14. 14. The anguish of an upper-class, white, suburban teen with a popular grunge blog on Tumblr who just had their first amicable break-up and wants the world to know how sad they are
  15. 15. Getting ready for no specific occasion
  16. 16. In love with your straight best friend
  17. 17. Dark smokey 80s synth songs that have become popular as of late
  18. 18. Is it 2009 again?
  19. 19. Mercury Retrograde Survival Plan
  20. 20. Meet me downtown at the dive bar
Aesthetic girl listening to music using mobile phone, and holding a cup of coffee.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Building Your Playlist

Now that you have a healthy dose of inspiration let’s take a look at what you need to create the best playlist for your listening pleasure.

1. Does the order of your playlist matter?

It does if each track tells its own part of a larger story. However, if all of the songs tell different parts of the same story, listening to them in shuffle mode won’t ruin your experience.

Keep in mind the longer the playlist, the more likely it is to get shuffled.

2. Are you trying to create a playlist that evokes a certain mood or feeling?

When creating a playlist to keep your heart pumping and motivation strong in the gym, steer clear of Eric Clapton’s “Tears In Heaven.” And if you need to create a romantic atmosphere—maybe skip any songs from Slipknot.

Pick out that spark that you want your music selection to maintain and fill it with songs like those.

3. Is this playlist a guilty pleasure or made to be shared?

Are you secretly a huge fan of Nickelback but don’t want to be teased for it by your friends? Or are you creating this playlist intending to entertain yourself and keep your pals grooving all night long?

You’ll want to consider how many, as well as whose, ears will be listening when designing your playlist. So, get creative, but don’t expose yourself trying to be too much and have people not understand what you meant with the name since they don’t get it. Of course, this doesn’t apply if the playlist is your own little secret.

4. Is the playlist limited to one event or made to be listened to on repeat?

Suppose you’re making a playlist for your sister’s wedding, including songs that everyone can enjoy—even if they aren’t your favorites. A good tip here is to check the hit parade from radio stations and best-played songs by year for the last 5 years. You will find those songs that you loved but forgot it was a hit 2 years ago, and you simply didn’t remember them.

If you’re looking for a playlist that will stand the test of time, it’s important to include songs that aren’t likely to make you want to throw your headphones out the window.

5. What is the best playlist name to fit your compilation?

When it comes to choosing your playlist name, there are a lot of options. You can give it a name that describes the music or artists in the playlist, like “Best Pop Songs of 2019” or “My Favorite Hip Hop Artists.” You could also choose to go with something silly like “Playlist for My Bae” or “Party Music for Your Next Event—Free.” Be sure to bookmark this article so you can reference it anytime you need a dose of inspiration to help you create the perfect playlist name!

The first step to finding the best playlist name is to ask yourself what qualities you look for in a playlist name. Do you want it to be unique? Should it describe the music inside? Or should it be memorable, fun, and shareable? If you found a playlist name that has all these characteristics and answers the questions, you may have found the perfect playlist name!

Now that you have your perfect music lineup and the best playlist name (you did come up with a good one, after all), you want to share it with all of your friends—not just those who use Spotify, right? But how do you share your playlist with your friends and have it show up on their app if they’re not Spotify users?

Tune My Music is here to save the day! We’ve made it simple to share your playlists with friends no matter what platform they prefer. Check out our latest feature today to get started.