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Need help to get more out of your music career? Check our list of the best music promotion services to increase your audience and fan base and reach more people with your music.
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Music artists put everything they have into recording their music and trying to make a name for themselves. In such a competitive market, it’s often difficult for most music artists to get their music out there for the world to hear. 

For this reason, they often need help promoting their music. But what is the best option for music artists to take when they need help promoting their music?

In this article, we’ll look at various services that specialize in music promotion. We’ll also discuss the different methods that music artists can take to promote their music, such as promoting playlists, using social media for content marketing purposes, and taking advantage of live performance opportunities. 

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So grab your favorite notepad and pen, music artists and music lovers, and get ready to take a lot of “music notes”.

Share playlists with anyone, no matter which music platform they use. With the TuneMyMusic Share feature, you can create a dedicated page for your music collection so people can listen to it on all music streaming services.

Top 10 Music Promotion Methods

When artists finish recording their music, they’re eagerly awaiting the release of their songs to the public. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine the best music promotion services and the best music marketing companies. Before deciding which method of music promotion is best, take a look at what each one has to offer you: 

  1. 1) Music streaming marketing tools for Artists – This is a great way to promote your music and even track your distribution status. After you get your music on streaming services, like Spotify, you can sign up for artist services for free! For example, Spotify For Artists.

  1. 2) Content Marketing Through Blogs – If you’re wondering if people still read blogs, the short answer is YES, they do! Blogs are a wonderful way of generating a following for your music. You can share photos and videos on blogs to promote your music with success. Search engine optimization can be utilized by including keywords in your blog that will generate a larger audience. 

  2. 3) Electronic Press Kits – Are you familiar with electronic press kits? If not, they are a professional way to organize all relevant information regarding music artists and their music. You can include things like a biography, photos, links to your songs, and even promotions for upcoming performances or concerts. These press kits are used as a way of pitching an artist’s music to the press (such as radio stations or other media outlets) and are shared electronically. 

  3. 4) Live Performances – Everyone is familiar with this method of music promotion, right? Maximize the impact of your live performances by strategically leveraging them to promote your work. In the digital age, your stage presence can be a powerful tool for expanding your online presence. Incorporate a seamless fusion of live shows and online promotion by sharing your performance journey on social media, incorporating QR codes to direct fans to your website or ecommerce platform, and ensuring you capture a wealth of compelling content. From captivating snapshots to exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, make each gig a valuable source of marketing material. Your performances should not be isolated events but rather pivotal moments in your artistic journey.

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  1. 5) Music Videos – Since the dawn of VH1 and MTV, music videos have been a popular way to promote an artist’s music and tell a story through visual effects. Music videos stand as a crucial facet in the realm of music production, with the potential to profoundly impact artists in several ways. They offer a visual narrative that complements the auditory experience, providing an avenue for artists to further express their creativity and vision. A well-crafted music video can help artists convey the story behind their songs, create a distinct brand image, and foster a deeper connection with their audience.

    The decision to produce music videos stems from the desire to enhance the engagement and reach of your music. It’s an opportunity to bring your lyrics and melodies to life, solidify your artistic identity, and tap into new audiences who resonate with your visual storytelling. Importantly, the budget should not deter artists from diving into this realm. Even on a shoestring budget, artists can produce compelling music videos by focusing on creative storytelling, using available resources, and harnessing the power of digital tools. On the flip side, with a larger budget, artists have the freedom to explore more elaborate concepts, high-quality production values, and collaborations with renowned directors and creatives. Regardless of the budget, the key is to remain authentic to your music and message while leveraging the visual medium to amplify your artistry.

  2. 6) Original Newsletters – If you’ve ever given your email address to a store, think Sweetwater, Guitar Center, then you’re part of a mailing list and have likely received a newsletter. Though often retail or ecommerce stores use newsletters strictly for sales, other brands and businesses use newsletters to keep their name fresh in their audiences’ minds. A newsletter can be a simple update on what you’re doing behind the scenes or next steps in your career, no need to get overly fancy and alienate your audience. After all, the magic comes in the connection it creates between your fans, followers, supporters and you. This is a popular option among independent music artists. Not only does it serve as an artistic outlet by designing the creativity of the newsletter, but it’s also a smart content marketing tool for music artists to take advantage of. 

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  1. 8) Playlist Promotion – Perhaps the frontrunner of the music promotion scene… Playlist promotion is becoming increasingly popular as a way of distributing music and sharing it quickly. This is the best way to boost your visibility as an artist. Playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and many other services are the best way to show your songs on music streaming platforms. It’s a way to insert your music into people’s daily listening habits using popular playlists. 

    However, featuring your music in the playlist isn’t that easy, and that’s how playlist pitching services, like Playlist Push, are a great way to get your music on popular playlists. With Playlist Push, you have the opportunity to get your songs in front of thousands of new listeners by being included in popular Spotify playlists and TikTok videos. Imagine your song going viral and reaching thousands of plays on Spotify!? With Playlist Push, this is possible.

    Another great way to share your playlists is by using the TuneMyMusic “share” feature. With this feature, you can now share your favorite playlists with others, even if they use a different music streaming service than you do! Click HERE to start sharing your favorite playlists.

  2. 9) Radio Stations – Both FM and XM radio stations are a popular method of promoting music, primarily for convenience. Think about it… when you’re driving in your car, it’s not always easy (or safe) to change out CDs or their equivalent every time you want to hear something new. XM radio stations are especially great due to their more personalized stations and the vast array of stations they have to choose from. 

  3. 10) Social Media – If you’re a music artist and you don’t already have a social media page (or multiple pages) specifically designed for promoting your music, then you should do so ASAP. This serves as a personal touch for your music that you can share with a very large audience. Through consistent posting of content, you’ll build an audience of fans who will create more fans through sharing your music via social media. 

  4. 11) Streaming Platforms – Using streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music is one of the smartest ways to distribute your music due to their large audiences of millions of users. This is a great way for artists to build a fan base and launch their careers. 

Top Music Promotion Services

Now that you have a better understanding of these methods of promoting music, let’s take a look at some popular music promotion services used today and what each one has to offer: 

Playlist PushYESSocial Media / Streaming Services / PlaylistsPreferred By Over 25,000 Independent & Major Label Clients Already
IndieMonoYESBlogs / Streaming Platforms / PlaylistsFREE Demo Submission
Starlight PRNOStreaming Services Ranked #1 Trusted For Up-And-Coming Music Artists
YouGrowYESSocial Media / Streaming ServicesSkyrocket Your Audience / 100% Refund Guarantee
ShoreFireNOSocial MediaClients Consistently Top Bestseller & Critics Lists
Pressed PRNO Digital Marketing / Social Media / Radio Stations / Streaming ServicesFounded By Musicians / For Musicians
Independent Music PromotionsNOElectronic Press Kits / Social Media / Guaranteed Coverage & Exposure
Playlist-PromotionYesYouTube Promotion / Radio Promotion / Streaming ServicesEasy playlist submission process, guaranteed placements and exposure
DropNation (YouTube Channel)YESSocial Media / Music VideosOver 248k Subscribers
ReverbNationNODigital Marketing / Social Media One Of The Most Well-Known Services / Artists First Strategy / Royalty Opportunities
Unique PlaylistsYESSocial Media / PlaylistsOne Of The Leading Independent Music Curators
DropNight (YouTube Channel)YESSocial Media / Music VideosOver 198k Subscribers
GrooverYESSocial Media / Radio Stations / Streaming PlatformsInteractive Feedback From Music Curators & Professionals
Omari Music PromotionYESSocial Media / Radio Stations / Music Videos / Streaming ServicesPromotion / Management / Coaching
One SubmitYESBlogs / Streaming Services / Radio Stations / Social MediaCurator Consideration For Music Promoting
MySpheraYESPlaylists / Social Media / BlogsUnique promo campaigns
SoundCampaignYESStreaming Services / Social MediaSpecializes In Playlist Promotion Through Curators
Other Record LabelsNOSocial Media / Independent Distribution / Web DesignIn-depth guide into running an indie record store and releasing music independently.
LabelGridNOMusic DistributionSpecializes in music distribution
Chill World (YouTube Channel)NOSocial Media / Music VideosOver 13k Subscribers

Planetary Group
NORadio Stations / Social Media / Digital MarketingInternational Music Promotion
Behind The Curtains MediaYESBlogs / Radio Stations / Streaming Platforms / Social MediaRecording Studio
Indie Music AcademyNOSocial MediaComprehensive Music Business Training

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Want to learn more about these top music promotion services? Here’s a brief overview of each of the music promotion services mentioned above ranked from most helpful to least helpful for artists:

Playlist Push – This music promotion service specializes in promoting music through social media and streaming services via playlists. Over 25,000 independent and major label artists are already using this service so they have the experience to help all music artists seeking more exposure.  

IndieMono – Get the music promotion and streaming strategies you’ve been searching for with this music promotion tool. You simply send your song in for FREE, they’ll listen to your demo and consider adding it to their Spotify playlist. They also partner with labels and brands to help distribute songs for music artists. 

Starlight PR – With a reputation as one of the top music marketing agencies, it’s a safe bet to go with this service for your music promotion needs. Starlight PR specializes in Spotify promotion. They even offer a referral program that gives you 10% commission for every 4-Week Campaign purchase. 

YouGrow – To stay true to their name, YouGrow will plant a tree for every order that is placed. They also offer a 100% refund guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a try for your music promotion needs. You can even monitor your campaign through your order dashboard.

Shorefire – This is a PR firm that represents music artists and the like. Their clients consistently top the bestsellers and critics lists. They also represent clients who have received awards like BET Awards and Golden Globes. 

Pressed PR – This service is “breaking the mold of traditional PR” for independent artists. They offer PR strategy + media relations, asset creation, and brand partnerships + activations. This company was founded by musicians for musicians so they have your best interest in mind. 

Independent Music Promotions – This music promotion service uses an SEO-focused approach to getting your music promoted. They offer a wide variety of packages so you’re more likely to find the one that best suits your needs. Let’s look at some of their stats to better put things into perspective: 986 musicians promoted, 859 industry articles, 51 countries, and 1 massive book. 

Playlist-Promotion – Playlist-Promotion offers a streamlined way to promote playlists in an organic fastion. They have a team of experts that reviews all submitted tracks and then pitches them to fitting playlist curators after categorizing them accordingly. The platform is very easy to use.

DropNation – With an average of over 150k daily views, this YouTube channel is a great promotion option for music artists. Their musical area of expertise lies in the wheelhouse of Dubstep/Electronic/Trance/Pop/Trap/Reggae. 

ReverbNation – This is an “artists first” music promotion service. You can promote your music on the world’s most popular music sites to reach millions of fans. You can “grow twice as fast at a fraction of the cost”. They offer plans that any artist can afford, including FREE. 

Unique Playlists – This service is one of the leading independent music curators. It was founded by music industry professionals. You’ll get access to great playlists with this service. 

DropNight – Here’s another YouTube channel for you music artists to love. With this music promotion tool, you simply choose the package you want, send them your song(s), and they’ll handle the promotion for you. 

Groover – This French music funding service offers music artists an interactive experience with music professionals/curators. With this service, music artists just need to share their tracks, then the professionals will listen to them and offer the music artists feedback on their songs! They’ll even share their favorites (by uploading them directly to Spotify playlists or radio stations) so this is a great tool for both improving and distributing your music. 

Omari Music Promotion – Get no-nonsense music promotion and marketing services with this company. With this music promotion service, you’ll get your music promoted through many outlets, including social media, radio stations, streaming services, and press releases. This company has promoted “thousands and thousands of artists” so they have the experience to back them up. 

One Submit – As one of the leading music promotion companies available today, One Submit strives to provide efficient music promotion through various methods like streaming services, blogs, playlist promotions, radio stations, and social media. Music artists can submit songs to be evaluated by curators. If the curators like what they hear, they can add the song(s) to their playlists, blogs, or YouTube channels. 

MySphera – MySphera helps musicians reach new audiences through a roster of 3,000+ content creators. 
They offer unique promotional campaigns, where they connect each song to the most relevant creators from their vast roster – helping music get featured on Playlists, Social Media, blog posts, and more.

SoundCampaign – This music promotion service specializes in playlist promotion through curators. They work specifically with Spotify promotions and TikTok promotions. 

Other Record Labels – A one-stop-shop for indie record label owners and soon-to-be record label founders. Featuring interviews, tools, videos, and resources to help you build and grow a successful independent record label.

LabelGrid – LabelGrid simplifies the management, delivery, promotion, and tracking of music and video catalogs from a centralized platform. They have an intuitive content management panel, adaptable delivery engine, state-of-the-art marketing tools, and advanced REST API to streamline and optimizeany digital music distribution strategy.

Chill World – This YouTube channel’s motto is “Just Chill”, so it’s literally a space designed entirely for “chilling” while listening to great music. Their best benefit for music artists are their large number of subscribers (lots of audience) and their promise to keep your songs/videos on their page for at least 30 days (lots of traffic). While they do have a “playlist” tab on their page, there are currently no playlists available to enjoy. One rather cool feature they offer is to include a free visualizer video to play with your song if you don’t already have one to include. 

Planetary Group – This service offers international music promotion through methods like online advertising, radio stations, and social media platforms. They take the time with EACH and EVERY client by offering a customized approach per client. 

Indie Music Academy – Calling all independent music artists! This is the training you need to start getting your music heard. This comprehensive music business training will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your music promotion efforts, such as video, audio, and written lessons for all learning types (not everyone tries to pertain to every learning style, so this is a company that truly cares about EVERYONE. They teach you “real marketing principles, not just tricks and hacks”. 

Behind The Curtains Media – This is a recording studio in New York City that also specializes in release strategy and music marketing consulting. They work with their music artists on “anything that pertains to releasing music”. They work with artists at ALL stages of their careers. 

Conclusion on the Best Music Promotion Services

We’ve covered a lot of information here regarding music promotion services and various methods used to promote music. So, let’s do a quick recap of the information: 

  • – Music artists don’t have to struggle to have their music heard anymore. 
  • – There are music promotion services for music artists at every stage of their careers. 
  • – Different music promotion services use different methods of promotion. 
  • – Playlist promotion is one of the fastest-growing methods of music promotion. 
  • – You can share your playlists easily by using TuneMyMusic.
  • – Digital marketing has made it much easier for music artists to get discovered and build a loyal fan base. 

If you’re a music artist, rest assured that there are options out there that will suit your individual needs. So start recording all your music and link up with the best service to assist in your music promotion.