How Much Is Spotify Premium? Everything You Need to Know About Spotify Pricing

Discover how much is the Spotify Premium subscription and everything you have to know about Spotify plans. Compare all plans and features with other music streaming services.
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Music fans seem to agree that paying for Spotify gives you the most benefits compared to free versions of all streaming platforms. But what exactly do you get and how much is Spotify Premium exactly?

First of all, Spotify premium costs $10.99 per month. Secondly, the key benefits of Spotify Premium are the ability to play songs in any order, with higher-quality audio, and zero ads.

Here we will list Spotify plans, options, and a few alternatives, so you can choose what works best for your routine and your pocket. Sounds good?

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How Much Is Spotify Premium and What Do I Get From It?

The Spotify Premium individual plan is $10.99. Other Spotify Premium plans start from $5.99 for the Student discount tier to up to $15.99 for the family bundle of 6 accounts.

As for what you get, Spotify Premium gives you higher audio quality, removes ads, and allows you to play songs in any order you want. Those are the three key benefits. But, you also get to download songs and listen to them online and organize a listening queue.

Spotify Pricing Plans Explained

The monthly Spotify Premium subscription costs $10.99 for the individual plan. It removes all adds and grants total freedom over the song order. 

Spotify Premium also allows you to build your playlists precisely the way you want and share them with others collaboratively. That is, no more having other music playing between the songs you have chosen for your playlists.

And if you want to move your Spotify playlist to another streaming service, you can use TuneMyMusic’s Transfer feature.

With Spotify Premium, you gain complete control of your platform and what to listen to. It also enables you to collaborate with other people to create playlists in real-time, which can be really handy for that party with friends.

Source: Spotify

The Spotify Premium subscription also allows the use of the Connect feature. It enables different devices, such as tablets, notebooks, and smartphones, to play simultaneously and communicate what’s being played – a perfect feature for smart-speaker lovers.

Spotify PlansIncludedPrice
Spotify FreeAds, limited skips, No downloads, Low-quality audio, no queue playlist.Free
Spotify Premium IndividualAd-free, unlimited skips, offline listening, high-quality audio, customization, and interactive features.$10.99
Spotify Premium DuoEverything from Premium Individual but for two accounts$14.99
Spotify Premium Family6 Premium Individual accounts with parental control features$16.99
Spotify Premium StudentAll benefits from Premium Individual with a discount for students registered in accredited institutions.$5.99
Spotify prices for all plans

Spotify Premium Family

Everyone loves a discount, don’t they? Spotify Premium has discounts for bundled subscriptions. The Family option allows access for up to 6 users in the same subscription for $16.99.

However, the platform has some rules. For example, the six Spotify Premium accounts on the Family plan members must live in the same house.

The company uses an honor system to verify your address; compliance with this rule will depend on your conscience. But at the same time gives you some parental control over the other accounts and even the creation of kids-only profiles.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Family?

Spotify Premium Family costs $16.99 per month. The subscription includes six Spotify Individual accounts, and allows parental control if needed.

How Much Is Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo costs $14.99 per month. It grants you two standard Spotify Individual accounts. It’s a great way to save more than 50% on the second account compared to purchasing a pair of Individual accounts at $10.99 each.

Spotify Premium for Students

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If you are a student, you can enjoy the parties, but also cheaper on Spotify Premium for Students. You get the same features as the regular individual Spotify plan and some add-ons.

The subscription costs $5.99 monthly, and is free for the first month. You need to be enrolled in a verified college or university that the Spotify system is able to check. 

The Spotify Student tier has some extra perks, such as the addition of Hulu (with ads) at no cost, which would typically cost $7.99. In other words, it’s a great deal if you love streaming services, either music or TV content.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Student?

Spotify Premium Student deal costs $5.99, and your first month is free. The package also includes a Hulu subscription, which normally costs $7.99 per month.

Spotify Free Plan In-Depth

Spotify has a starter tier without paid subscriptions, which is entirely free. The version works right after downloading the app or opening the web option and creating an account.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, such as Windows and Mac desktop computers. It’s indeed easy to access, and you can listen to songs without spending a dime, but with some rules.

First, you need to sign up with your essential data. Every registration on the platform already guarantees access to the free version. Once you give them your data, they can use it to target you with ads inside and outside the platform.

Furthermore, you need to hear ads between songs. After every three songs, you will listen to an audio ad with a banner in the middle of the playlist. You will also get banners inside the app promoting products or the app’s premium subscription.

Another drawback is that you can only skip songs six times an hour, and you can’t listen to the songs you precisely want before listening to other random ones similar to what you have chosen. The Free Version brings some limitations and can be frustrating sometimes.

The audio quality will also get affected. Spotify free streams the audio in a maximum of 160 kbps for the mobile and desktop versions, while for the web version, it can reach a maximum of 128 kbps, less than what Tidal offers. Suppose you’re a regular music listener and don’t have a nice pair of headsets. In that case, those qualities are enough for your daily usage, and if you’re not picky on the sound quality. 

Is Spotify Free?

Yes, there is a free version of Spotify. It has ads every three songs, ad banners within the app, lower audio quality (128 lbps max), and you can only skip songs six times per hour. You can’t queue tracks, either.

Spotify Alternatives

Not everyone loves Spotify for different reasons. So, if you’re not very Spotify-friendly and want to learn about other options, we’re also here to help. The music universe is very democratic, which is why we have many platforms worldwide, and many more appearing yearly.

Here we separate some features of the leading platforms available in the market, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. We list the features each one offers, and you will know how much these subscriptions cost, enabling you to make the best decision on which one to choose based on your preferences. 

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1) Tidal

Tidal logo
Source: Google Play

Tidal is the first alternative on our list and an excellent choice for anyone who likes high-quality sounds other than Spotify. The platform has more than 90 million tracks on its records, which is more compared to 80 million on Spotify.

However, Tidal is receiving more artists who leave Spotify seeking more revenue from their music per streaming. Tidal pays more to its artists when users sign up for the top-tier premium plan on the platform.

You can read a full comparison of Tidal and Spotify in this article we prepared for you talking about Tidal vs. Spotify. Which one will you Love?

For Tidal prices, you have the following options:

  • – HiFi – $10.99
  • – HiFi Plus – $19.99
  • – Family HiFi – $16.99
  • – Family HiFi Plus – $29.99

Plus, other options for Tidal plans are the ones that offer a 50% discount for Students and a 40% discount for military and first responders for US customers.

By subscribing to this option, you can get HiFi sound and 44.1 kHz sampling pre 16 bits. If you love music in high-quality format, you can opt for the Tidal HiFi Plus plan, which enables audio sampling up to 192 kHz and bass and treble enhancement.

Tidal has excellent partnerships with artists. Therefore, you can check interviews, basic information, and some extras or credits. In addition, you can have access to video clips and broadcast shows. These extra industry insights can make a big difference for true music lovers and artists’ fans.

As it is a very artist-focused platform, it supports young artists, especially those starting their careers. After all, the platform makes a fairer income distribution compared to other streaming services.

2) Apple Music

Apple Music Logo
Source: Apple Music

Apple Music is the option for true Apple lovers. You can run the app in complete working order if you have a device that supports the Airplay 2 function. The features are so good that it made Apple Music the second-best streaming provider after Spotify.

Apple Music is also another platform that offers a bigger music library compared to Spotify. Similar to Tidal, it has 90 million music tracks, plus curated playlists and an automatic generator playlist based on AI. Prices are close to those charged by Spotify.

Check out the prices:

  • – Student: $5.99/month;
  • – Individual: $10.99/month;
  • – Family: $16.99/month.

Try 1 month of Apple Music for free

Another advantage of the Apple Music service is that it offers seamless integration with iTunes. You can add the songs you have already purchased to your library on the platform. In addition, the music streaming service from Apple also has some exclusive albums and music launches that can give fans first access to the new releases from some artists.

If you want to know the little details about Apple Music and how it relates to Spotify when comparing it side-by-side, check out this article about Apple Music vs. Spotify: Which Is Best?!

3) Deezer

Deeze logo
Source: Deezer

Deezer is a French streaming service that has been around since 2007. However, compared to competitors, it can be considered a streaming service still in development and small, especially compared with Spotify, which you can know more about in the article we prepared for you on Spotify vs. Deezer – Comparing Spotify And Deezer Music Streaming Services.

Check out the prices:

  • – Deezer Premium: $10.99/month;
  • – Deezer Premium Annual Plan: $98.91 ($8.24/month when paid annually).
  • – Deezer Family: $17.99/month;
  • – Deezer Family Annual Plan: $196.99 ($16.42/month when paid annually).
  • – Deezer student discount: $5.99/month;

In addition, the service has high fidelity and versatility. You can access audiobooks, radios, and podcasts in the app to diversify your routine. They have been investing in exclusive content inside the platform to get the attention of new users and are making some moves on the live performance streaming with the partnership between Deezer and DREAMSTAGE.

However, the app doesn’t offer as high an audio resolution as the similar Tidal. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of sound quality can be compensated by a high compatibility with Dolby Atmos 3D sound technology.

4) Amazon Music

Apple Music Logo
Source: Amazon

Amazon dominates many services in the world market and is also gaining prominence in the music streaming scene. The company also specializes in high-quality reproductions in the FLAC format, the highest resolution audio format.

Check out the prices:

  • – Prime Music: Free (with ads and limitations);
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Ad-Supported Plan: Free;
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan: $8.99/month (or $89 a year) for Prime members or $15.99/month for everyone else;
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Single Device Plan: $4.99/month (attached to an Echo device);
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Student Plan: $5.99/month;
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan: $15.99/month.

The prices are reasonable, as you can see, and you can follow along with your favorite podcasts or the lyrics of the songs you like the most. In short, it’s a high-resolution music streaming service at a fair price, especially if you are an Amazon Prime customer. And it gets even cheaper if you have an Amazon smart speaker that you can use as your primary listening device.

5) YouTube Music

Multiple YouTube logos stacked on a 3D art design.
Source: Canva Pro

Source: Canva Pro

If you love Youtube videos, you will like this option. The Youtube Music platform combines the music streaming service with the video platform’s benefits, making everything much more exciting.

The prices for YouTube Music are:

  • – Premium: $10.99/month or $109.99 annual;
  • – Family: $16.99/month;
  • – Student: $5.49/month.

While it doesn’t beat options like Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music when comparing library size and audio quality, Youtube Music is a reliable platform to listen to your favorite music and new inspiration. Youtube Music doesn’t have the same customization features as Spotify and Apple Music, so it’s not considered a bit inferior. However, it has an algorithm that brings recommendations compatible with your profile with a powerful AI behind it and integrated with your YouTube video history.

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Digging a little deeper about Spotify

Spotify app logo on a iPhone laying over of a top white surface.
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By leading the online music streaming market, Spotify is a versatile platform with many features that enables anyone with access to the internet to enhance the music listening experience. With customizable and shareable playlists, Spotify started a worldwide revolution in the music industry when it was launched in 2008.

After the music industry collapsed with all the buzz from Napster and lawsuits to whoever tried to go against the big names in this industry, and Metallica, apparently, the musician, together with the record labels, couldn’t keep up with the increase in music piracy. That’s why Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify founders, came up with the idea for the app.

They saw an opportunity to give the power back to the musician, monetize their music, and revive the music industry. With the help of Spotify and many other music streaming services, the music industry is back on its feet, generating more for the economy than before the collapse in the early-mid 2000s. Not just that, but the new distribution system through streaming made it legal and affordable again to listen to and sell music, democratizing access to the artist’s work.

Now, present in more than 180 countries, Spotify has over 80 million songs and more than 433 million monthly active users worldwide. It is available to all platforms, Windows, Mac, Android, and even an online version. It’s easy to use, and in a matter of minutes, you can have the songs of your favorite artists at the tip of your fingers.

The platform counts with a free and paid subscription that gives you some perks, like an ads-free listening experience, better sound quality audio streaming, and other benefits that we will discuss in detail now.

Conclusion: How Much Is Spotify Premium Right Now?

In case you just scrolled to the bottom of the article, Spotify Premium costs $10.99 per month on the individual plan.

But, with some adjustments, you can have it for free if you don’t mind some ads and total control over your listening experience. This democratized music access, making Spotify the most popular music streaming platform in the world.

But, if you want full control over your music without interruptions, the Spotify plan monthly subscription of $10.99 is a good option.

Now that you have discovered How much Spotify Premium is and its alternatives, you can choose the best option that better suits your music-listening preferences.

For more tips, thicks, and words of advice, check out our How-To section. Stay safe and have a good one!