How To Cancel Spotify Premium

Canceling Spotify Premium plans may seem tricky at first but following these simple steps can set you right in no time. Learn how to cancel Spotify Premium.
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Not every relationship lasts forever. Sometimes, things need to come to an end, like breaking up with your Spotify Premium account. 

You might have done a little market research and found a music source you prefer more. Maybe you want to gain better control of your budget, or you don’t use the app as often as you thought you would to warrant paying that premium price. Whatever the reason, knowing how to cancel Spotify Premium plans will save you time, effort, or even an annoying headache. 

Just like canceling Apple Music, you don’t have to wait until the end of your subscription period to be able to cancel your Spotify Premium. You can cancel it now, and you will be good until the end of the billing cycle or free trial period to enjoy your Premium features. Just after that period, your paid subscription perks will end. To learn how to cancel it, keep reading, and we will walk you through canceling your Spotify subscription once and for all.

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Canceling Spotify Premium

Everyone has their own reason for canceling their Spotify subscription, but when it comes time to make a move, it may be more challenging than you think. You will need to visit a web browser to get the job done. 

What kind of Spotify Premium Plan you have will help determine how easy it is to cancel your existing subscription. 

What Premium Plans are Available

Spotify offers multiple Premium accounts for your listening pleasure. Whether you are a party of one or a household of many, there are several Spotify Premium account options available. 

The Premium Duo and Premium Family plans allow for separate accounts for each individual. Each person can create and manage their own playlists, and both or all six can listen in at the same time. However, when the main account user cancels the account, everyone on the plan will also have their account canceled.

Spotify plans table with all the plans.
Souce: Spotify website

Premium Individual

The Spotify Premium Individual account is created for the individual flying solo. One person, one Premium account. 

Premium Duo

The Premium Duo plan is created for couples. It allows for 2 Premium accounts for couples living under the same roof. If you want to cancel your Premium subscription, your better half will also lose their Premium account. 

Premium Family

The Spotify Family Plan includes 6 accounts available for family members living under the same roof. This Premium Plan allows you to block explicit music for younger children and offers Spotify Kids, a separate app designed specifically with kids in mind. When utilizing the family plan, each family member must be unsubscribed from the plan, too. 

Premium Student

A Premium Student account allows eligible college and university students to get a discounted Spotify Premium account for up to 4 years. You do have to renew your account after each year. 

This account comes with access to Showtime and Hulu (with ads) at no additional cost, but you would not have to cancel those accounts in addition to the Premium Student account since canceling your plan will do it all for you in one easy step. 

How to Cancel Spotify Premium

User Spotify subscribed plan viewing from the Spotify account settings.

To cancel Spotify Premium Plans, you can do it in one of two ways. Open your Spotify account on your desktop or laptop, log into Spotify from your web browser, and go to Account. From there, choose Account Overview, scroll down to Your Plan, and choose Cancel Plan. 

Panel showing family plan subscribed on Spotify by a user.

Or you can log into your Under your plan, simply click Change Plan. Once there, you will scroll down to Cancel Spotify, then click Cancel Premium.

If you’re on your browser and find no option to cancel your plan, your Spotify Premium plan is associated with a partner company such as iTunes. You must go to the appropriate partner company application to cancel your subscription directly through them.

Canceling Spotify Premium and moving to another service? Keep all your music library with all your playlists with you so you can enjoy your favorite songs on your new music platform. TuneMyMusic helps you manage and transfer your entire music collection across music services. Best of all, it is free for up to 500 songs, and no signup is needed!

Why Can’t I Cancel My Spotify Premium Account?

If you’re trying to cancel your Spotify Premium account from your phone or an app, you will be disappointed. You will need to use your web browser to cancel your Premium Plan. 

Spotify even apologizes on their app under the Help section for the inconvenience of not being able to cancel from your Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows app. They could want to make it impossible for you to cancel by accident. 

What to Do if You Canceled a Premium Plan But You Were Still Charged

Once you’ve canceled, you should receive a confirmation email verifying that all the correct steps were taken and you have successfully canceled your paid subscription. If you did not receive confirmation, carefully go through the steps again. 

If you were charged before canceling your Spotify Premium plan, then your account will remain active until the next billing cycle. If you find that payment is taken after the cancellation, your account may be associated with a partner company, and you will need to contact them. 

Are you still being charged but not part of a partner company? Send a Tweet to @SpotifyCares or a direct message to the SpotifyCares Facebook page. If neither of those gets you the results you wish to see, message them, and a customer service representative will assist you. 

Will My PlayLists Still Be Available

The biggest question you may have when canceling your Spotify Premium account is, what happens to my playlists? After all, you spent a lot of time and put in a lot of effort into creating the perfect playlist for every mood. Don’t despair. Your playlists will remain intact. You’ll still be able to listen to all your favorite tunes, but you’ll have to endure the ads that come with the free version.

Canceling your Premium Spotify Plan is easy IF you remember to use a web browser and don’t waste your time trying to figure it out on your app. Spotify has yet to simplify the process that much. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined, you will have no problem at all. 

Cancel Spotify Premium and Keep Your Playlists

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Now you have learned how to cancel your Spotify Premium account, you may be asking, what if I want to move to another music platform and keep all my playlists and music library? How to do it?

Don’t worry, there’s a simple way to do it, and it’s called TuneMyMusic!

TuneMyMusic is an online service that you can access using your smartphone or computer and enables you to move your Spotify playlists to any music streaming services available. You just need to access, select Spotify profile as the source, log into your Spotify account to enable the TuneMyMusic app to get your playlists, and from there, select the target platform where you want to send your playlists. Done! The process will start, and in a few seconds or minutes (depending on the size of your playlist), your entire music library will be migrated to your account in the other service.

Another great tip for managing your online music catalog is to keep an offline backup of your most important playlists is crucial. If you are canceling your Spotify Premium plan to migrate to an alternate music streaming service, then use TuneMyMusic’s TXT or CVS export options. We’re here to help make your music migration easier. After all, no one wants to spend hours curating the perfect playlist just to lose it, right?

For tips and learn more about your music streaming subscription on Spotify and other music services, take a look at our How-To page with some interesting articles for you to leverage your subscription no matter which service you use.