How to Cancel YouTube Premium for Good Right Now

Learn how to cancel YouTube Premium subscription in 2 minutes. We also cover the top alternatives and things you should do after leaving.
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YouTube Premium is actually one of the better deals in the streaming world. You get ad-free content and full access to YouTube Music. Sure, the sound quality on YT Music isn’t the greatest, but it’s still top value for money.

Still, some users say they’re tired of paying a full subscription when they only value the ad-free feature. Or maybe you’re a music fan and that sound quality just doesn’t cut it for you.

Whichever the reason, we’re here to explain how to cancel YouTube premium in the least amount of time. Let’s dive right in.

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TL;DR Solution: How to Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

To cancel YouTube Premium, sign in to YouTube, hit your profile icon in the top-right corner, and go to “Purchases and memberships”. Find YouTube Premium in the list, hit “Manage membership” and then select “Deactivate”. Confirm your choice. YouTube has verified this process works across Android, Apple, and desktop devices.

How Do I Cancel YouTube Premium on Android?

Canceling YouTube Premium on an Android device is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the YouTube website through the mobile browser of your Android device.
  • 2. Tap your profile picture in the top-right corner.
  • 3. Select “Purchases and memberships”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing the settings menu on android with highlight on purchases and memberships

  • 4. Find YouTube Premium in the list and tap it.

how to cancel yourube premium article screenshot showing how to find youtube premium in the purchases and memberships menu

  • 5. Hit “Cancel membership”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing how to find the cancel membership button for android users

  • 6. Tap “Next”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing what happens after tapping the cancel membership button on android

  • 6. You will be prompted to continue to the Google Play Store. Tap “Go to Play”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing the site prompting user to proceed to play store to cancel subscription

  • 7. When redirected, tap the “Cancel subscription” button at the bottom.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showcasing the cancel button for youtube premium on the google play store

  • 8. Select the reason you’re leaving (you can choose “Decline to answer” if you want) and tap “Continue”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing youtube asking user why they are canceling their subscription

  • 9. Tap “Cancel subscription” to confirm your decision.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing the final cancellation button of the process

  • 10. You will be notified that your YouTube Premium subscription is canceled.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing the final screen confirming the cancelation

How to Cancel YouTube Premium on iPhone

There are two ways to cancel YouTube Premium on an iPhone, depending on how you signed up. If you purchased a subscription using your Apple account, you can cancel through the Settings app. Here’s how to do it:

  • 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone (the cogwheel icon).
  • 2. Tap your name at the top.

how to cancel youtube premium article. screenshot showing how to access iphone apple profile from the settings app

  • 3. Select “Subscriptions”.

how to cancel youtube premium article. screenshot showing how to open apple subscriptions on iphone

  • 4. Find and select YouTube Premium from the list.
  • 5. Tap “Cancel Subscription” (or “Cancel Free Trial”).

how to cancel youtube premium article. screenshot showing the button to cancel youtube premium subscription through the iphone settings app

  • 6. Confirm your decision to cancel.

This will end your subscription after the current billing cycle.

The second option is identical to the Android steps we just described. Let’s go through it once again.

  • 1. Open the YouTube site on your iPhone through the mobile browser.
  • 2. Tap your profile image in the upper right corner.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing how to access your profile on an iphone

  • 3. Go to “Purchases and memberships”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing how to access purchases and memberships on iphone

  • 4. Locate YouTube Premium and tap it.

how to cancel youtube premium article. screenshot showing how to access your. youtube premium membership settings on an iphone

  • 5. Hit “Deactivate”.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing how to click the deactivation button for youtube premium on iphone

  • 6. Confirm your cancellation.

how to cancel youtube premium article screenshot showing how to confirm your decision to cancel youtube premium

Technically, there is a third option, too, which is using the YouTube app on your iPhone. But the app will just redirect you to your mobile browser halfway through the process, meaning it’s easier to start from your mobile browser from the get-go.

Steps to Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription on Desktop and Laptop Devices

Canceling YouTube Premium on a desktop or laptop is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Navigate to the YouTube website and log in to your account.
  • 2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • 3. Select “Purchases and memberships” from the dropdown menu.

how to cancel youtube premium article. screenshot showing how to access purchases and memberships on desktop or laptop device.

  • 4. Find YouTube Premium in your list of memberships and click “Manage membership.”
  • 5. Click on “Deactivate”

how to cancel youtube premium article. screenshot showing how to manage premium membership and click the deactivation button

  • 6. Select “Continue to cancel.”
  • 7. Confirm your decision or opt for a pause instead.

This will stop your YouTube Premium subscription from renewing at the end of the current billing cycle.

Why Are People Leaving YouTube Premium?

We’ve seen users sharing their reasons for leaving YouTube Premium across various discussion platforms, including Reddit. Here’s a summary of the key concerns and complaints.

  • • Changes in Ad Policy: Some members are concerned about potential future changes that might still subject premium members to ads – one of the key benefits of the subscription.
  • • Business Model Concerns: There’s a sentiment that YouTube’s shift towards a paid model came after it established dominance by being free and eliminating competition. It has left a bad taste for some.
  • • Removing Premium Lite: YouTube discontinued the Premium Lite in October 2023. It upset users who preferred a more affordable, ad-free experience, leading to the cancellation of memberships.
  • Inferior Music Service: If you’re subscribed to Premium because it includes YouTube Music, you might be in the camp that is unhappy about the below-average sound quality.
  • • Removal of Features: The removal of liked features such as Google Music, without adding equally valuable alternatives, has been a deal-breaker for some longstanding members.

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Checklist: Things to Do Before Hitting That YouTube Premium Cancel Button

Before you hit cancel on YouTube Premium, here’s a practical checklist to ensure you’ve got everything sorted.

  • Export Your Library and Playlists: Use TuneMyMusic to back up your YouTube playlists. You can also transfer up to 500 songs for free to any other streaming service.
  • Check With Family Members: If you’re subscribed to a Family Plan, discuss it with your family members before canceling. They might rely on Premium for their entertainment and study routines.
  • Look into Alternatives and Costs: Before making the final decision, research alternative streaming services for both video and music. Consider their costs and library sizes.
  • Mind the Billing Date: Check when your next billing cycle is due to avoid being charged for another month. Ideally, cancel at least 24 hours before the renewal date to ensure the cancellation process goes smoothly without any last-minute charges.
  • Consider Pausing Instead of Cancelling: Some users may not be aware that YouTube offers the option to pause your Premium membership for up to 6 months. This is good if you’re not 100% sure.

What Happens After You Cancel YouTube Premium?

After you cancel YouTube Premium, several changes take effect, usually after the end of your current billing cycle. Let’s briefly cover them so you know what to expect.

  • • Ads Return: You’ll start seeing ads again before and during videos on YouTube.
  • • No Offline Downloads: The ability to download videos for offline viewing is removed.
  • Background Play Stops: You can no longer play videos in the background on your mobile devices. If you switch apps or lock your screen, the video or music will stop playing.
  • YouTube Music Is Off Limit: Access to YouTube Music Premium features will also end. This includes listening to music ad-free, in the background, or downloading songs for offline listening.
  • • Losing Access to YouTube Originals: You’ll lose the free access that comes with Premium. Some Originals may still be available for purchase or rental.
  • No More Family Sharing: If you were using a Family Plan, your family members would also lose access to these Premium features when your subscription ends.
  • YouTube Is Free Again: The good side is that you won’t have to pay anything and you’ll still have access to the free YouTube version.

YouTube Premium Alternatives

YouTube Premium covers both audio and video content. Depending on your preference, we’ll cover a few YouTube alternatives for both options.

Video Platforms

  • Vimeo: Offers a high-quality, ad-free viewing experience with a focus on professional and creator-driven content. It’s known for its supportive community and advanced tools for content creators.
  • Dailymotion: Similar to YouTube in content variety but with a distinct user interface that might appeal to those looking for an alternative platform for both viewing and uploading videos.
  • Twitch: Originally focused on live gaming content, Twitch has expanded to include a wide range of live streaming content, including talk shows, music, and more, offering real-time interaction with audiences.

Music Streaming Platforms

  • Spotify: The most popular music streaming service in the world. Spotify is available in free and premium subscription options, with the premium tier offering ad-free listening, download capabilities, and higher-quality audio. More info in our Spotify vs. YouTube Music comparison.
  • Apple Music: The top pick for Apple users, stacked with over 100 million songs, live radio stations, and the ability to download music for offline listening. Head over to our Apple Music vs. YouTube Music article for more info.
  • Tidal: This streaming service stands out for its high-fidelity sound quality and exclusive content. It has lossless audio and music videos in high definition, catering to audiophiles and artists by providing better payouts per stream.

How to Reactivate My YouTube Premium Account

If you changed your mind about your decision to cancel YouTube Premium subscription, it’s pretty easy to get back. Here’s a step-by-step rundown.

  • 1. Visit YouTube or Open the App: Make sure you’re signed into the correct Google account—the one associated with your YouTube Premium.
  • 2. Access Your Account Settings: Click on your profile icon and select “Purchases and memberships.”
  • 3. Locate YouTube Premium: Under your memberships, you should see “YouTube Premium”. If it’s not immediately visible, look for an option related to managing your subscriptions or memberships.
  • 4. Select the Reactivation Option: There should be a button or link to “Renew” or “Reactivate” your YouTube Premium. Click or tap this option.
  • 5. Review and Confirm Payment Information: You may need to confirm or update your payment method. Ensure all details are current and accurate.
  • 6. Complete the Process: Follow any final instructions to confirm reactivation. You might have to agree to new terms or confirm your subscription choice again.
  • 7. Confirmation: After completing the reactivation, you should receive confirmation from YouTube. You’ll immediately regain access to YouTube Premium benefits.
  • 8. Bring Your Playlists Back: If you changed your setlists on another streaming service during your time off YouTube Premium, use TuneMyMusic to transfer or sync your playlists.

Can’t Cancel YouTube Premium: Common Errors When You Want to Cancel YouTube Subscription

Let’s now cover some of the most common issues users face when they try to cancel YouTube Premium on mobile and desktop devices.

  • • If You Have a VPN Running, Turn It Off: A VPN might interfere when you try to cancel your YouTube subscription. YouTube itself may block access to private information or credit card info if the VPN is on.
  • • ‘Subscription Not Found’ Error: Log out of all Google accounts. Then, log back into the one you used for YouTube Premium. If you have access to multiple devices, try logging in from a different device to see if the issue persists.
  • • ‘Unable to Process Your Request’: Check your internet speed and stability, and again, check that your VPN is off (if you have a VPN, that is). If everything seems fine, Google’s servers might be momentarily overloaded. Wait 15–30 minutes before trying again. Refreshing your browser or app right away could compound the issue.
  • • ‘This Action is Not Allowed’: Contact the administrator of your Google Workspace or the head of your family plan. You may not have the necessary permissions to make changes to subscriptions. This is particularly common in managed accounts or devices with parental controls.
  • • Payment Method Errors: Go to the payment settings where your subscription is managed (Google Play Store for Android users or iTunes & App Store for iOS users). Check if your primary payment method has expired or if there are any outstanding issues. Update the information or add a new payment method even if you’re planning to cancel.
  • • Continuous Loop or Page Refresh: This could be due to cookie and cache overload or conflicting browser extensions. First, try to clear your browser’s cache and delete cookies. If this doesn’t work, disable browser extensions that might interfere with webpage loading, especially ad blockers or privacy tools. Switching to another browser or using incognito mode can also help.

Final Thoughts: Is Canceling YouTube Premium the Right Decision?

We hope you found the solution on how to cancel YouTube subscription on your device. Again, the fastest solution is to click on your profile image on the YouTube site, go to “Purchases and memberships”, find YouTube Premium, click “Deactivate” and confirm your decision.

Before you leave, make sure to back up your playlists using TuneMyMusic and consider exploring alternatives through free trials. We hope this was useful, check out more guides in our How To section. Enjoy the music!