Tidal Subscription: Learn Everything About the HiFi Streaming Service

Learn eveyrthing about one of the best contenders for streaming tunes, Tidal. We’ll discuss Tidal subscription, plans options, benefits and some alternatives.
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When it comes to music streaming, you want to choose the service that best fits your needs (as well as your budget). Many people are familiar with one of the most popular music streaming services, Spotify, but there are other magnificent options you’ve likely not even tried yet. 

In this article, we highlight one of the best contenders for streaming tunes, Tidal. We’ll discuss some of the most important factors you’ll need to take into account when deciding on which streaming service is best for you.

Things like which plans are offered by Tidal, whether or not there is a FREE trial option available, and what features you’ll gain access to with each Tidal plan will all be laid out for you. You’ll even learn about some alternatives to Tidal, so you’re sure to find your ideal streaming companion. 

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What Is Tidal Music?

Since its launch in October 2014, Tidal has become known as an artist-first, fan-centered platform for music lovers. This global music streaming platform brings fans and artists closer together through unique experiences while offering the highest sound quality. 

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As for bringing artists and fans together, Tidal has a feature called “Tidal Rising”. It allows fans to discover new music by up-and-coming artists. The idea behind Tidal Rising is to offer a space dedicated entirely to fans to introduce them to new musical artists that they likely would’ve missed out on elsewhere. 

In addition to a huge selection of songs to its listeners (like “Break My Soul” by Beyonce, “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, and “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift), Tidal also offers you original content like videos and podcasts (like “Run Your Race”, “Tipping The Scales”, and “How To Money”). 

When you get a Tidal subscription, you’re opening up a world of high-fidelity music (HiFi) streaming. Regardless of the situation, you can enjoy music how it was meant to be heard. Let’s take a closer look at what the differences are between the audio quality offered by Tidal: 

Tidal Subscription article screenshot showing available Tidal sound quality settings - low, high and max

  • Low – If you’re on the go, you can enjoy Tidal’s “Low” sound option with up to 320 kbps. The best part – you won’t have to worry about data. This is ideal if you’re somewhere with a weak phone signal or are about to reach your data cap (for those of you who haven’t opted for the unlimited data option with your phone service yet… Seriously, you should get unlimited data if you haven’t yet). With the “Low” sound option, you won’t have to worry about download space on your phone, either. 
  • High – Want to enjoy hearing your music at up to 16-bit, 44.1 kHz? Look no further because this “High” sound option will give you just that! You can enjoy over 100 million songs that Tidal has to offer in studio quality with FLAC. This open-source format makes it easy for every artist to make and share their music at high-fidelity with ease. 
  • Max – With “Max” sound, you will get to experience listening to your favorite songs with HiRes Free Lossless Audio Codec (HiRes FLAC), so you won’t miss out on a single detail. This type of sound is best experienced in 5G or WiFi with a hardware connection to feel your music at up to 24-bit, 192 kHz. It’s also best to ensure you have a device that supports playing HiRes Free Lossless audio, as well as a nice pair of headphones to fully immerse yourself in the sound quality of HiRes, as opposed to normal audio quality. 

Tidal Subscription article. Screenshot of the Tidal's website explaining the difference between the typ of music streaming in hires quality and difference between Max, High, and Low.

FLAC stands for “Free Lossless Audio Codec” format. To learn more about FLAC files, here’s a useful source: What are FLAC files?

What Is HiFi?

As Tidal is primarily a HiFi music streaming service, it’s important to know what HiFi is and what it stands for. 

HiFi, short for “High Fidelity,” refers to a high-quality audio reproduction system or technology that aims to faithfully reproduce sound as close to its original source as possible.

It encompasses audio equipment, such as speakers, amplifiers, and headphones, designed to provide superior sound quality by minimizing distortion, noise, and other artifacts that can degrade the audio experience. 

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HiFi systems strive to deliver a more immersive and accurate representation of recorded or live music, allowing listeners to hear subtle details, nuances, and the full spectrum of frequencies in the audio signal.

Is Tidal Music Free?

As of April 2024, Tidal does NOT offer a FREE tier. Previously, the free subscription was available but came with ads and lower sound quality. 

Similarly, the April 2024 update saw the company bundle its HiFi and HiFi Plus plans into a single subscription, combining the superior sonic quality of the Plus option with the lower $10.99 price tag of the regular plan.

So, for all you audiophiles, don’t dismiss Tidal as your choice for music streaming. After all, Tidal was awarded “The best combination of sound quality, music selection and usability” from 2015 – 2022! Check out our article comparing the Best Music Platforms for Audiophiles.

Tidal does offer a FREE trial, though, allowing new users to enjoy their first 30 days FREE.

Tidal Subscription Cost: Plan Options

In April 2024, Tidal took the opposite route of most streaming services and DECREASED its top-tier plan’s price. The company removed its pricier HiFi Plus tier and put all the benefits it offered into the regular HiFi tier. Take a look at what Tidal has to offer you: 

* REMINDER: Tidal offers your first 30 days FREE with whichever plan you choose. 

  • Tidal HiFi Plan – This plan offers you 24-bit, 192 kHz (Hi-Res FLAC, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, FLAC, Master Quality Authenticated), access to over 100 million + songs, and 650k + videos. You’ll get offline listening ability, unlimited skips, access to Live On Tidal* (listen w/ other people in real-time), access to Tidal Connect (your music, your way w/ all supported devices), the ability to track and share your listening habits, and access to expert-curated playlists to introduce you to new music so you never get bored. 

*Live on Tidal is a unique feature, exclusive to Tidal, that allows you to be a DJ in your own home. You can actually connect your own DJ equipment with your Tidal subscription and broadcast your own live sets with your audience. This is a great way for music lovers to share their passion with others. 

  1. 1) Individual (1 account) – $10.99/month (monthly). Yearly not available. 
  2. 2) Family (up to 6 accounts) – $16.99/month (monthly). Yearly not available. 
  3. 3) Student (1 account) – $4.99/month (monthly). Yearly not available. 

screenshot showing tidal prices updated in april 2024

DJ Extension is also available for $9 per month, granting access to Tidal’s entire catalog on select DJ tools (hardware and software).

Tidal Rising

tidal subscription article screenshot showing tidal rising program through the tidal app

Tidal Rising is a program that highlights up-and-coming artists so their music doesn’t slip through the cracks in Tidal’s massive music library, which contains 100+ million songs. 

This space is dedicated entirely to introducing fans to fresh and dynamic music they’ll likely miss out on otherwise, such as music from up-and-coming artists like Dua Saleh, KIRBY, and Maria Isabel. 

Tidal Supported Devices

tidal subscription article screenshot showing tidal supported devices from the official site

For all you music lovers (especially audiophiles), knowing which devices you can enjoy your music on is vital. Tidal is compatible with the following devices: 

  • Audio Speakers (Sonos, Bluesound, Roon, Naim, Denon, Audirvana, Yamaha, Onkyo, HiFi Rose, Cambridge Audio, Aurender, Devialet, Astell&Kern, Teufel, Lumin, Phorus, KEF, Control4, MOON by Simaudio, Amarra for Tidal, Amare Musica, Atoll, AudioPro, Auralic, BANG & OLUFSEN, Bel Canto, Burmester, Cabasse, Cary Audio, CasaTunes, CocktailAudio, Dali, dCS, Definitive Technology, Dynaudio, Echobox, Electrocompaniet, Esoteric, Harmon Kardon, HIFIAkademie, Integra, iFI, IXION, Libratone, Lindemann, Linn, Lode, Lyngdorf, MarinLogan, Matrix Audio, McIntosh, Meridian, Mirage, miniDSP, NAD, OPPO, Orchard Audio, Paradigm, Pioneer, Plato, Plex, Polk, Primare, QAT, Revox, Samsung, Savant, Sony, SOtM, SYNG, T+A, Technics, Tidal Audio, Trivium, VOCO, Volumio, Wadia, Conversidigital mconnect, WiiM Mini, exaSound, AirLino by LinTech, Zidoo, Loutd, Silent Angel, Wattson Audio) 
  • Smart TVs and Streamers (Chromecast, Roku, Vizio, Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, Android TV) 
  • Auto Systems (Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Lincoln, Volkswagen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto) 
  • DJ Equipment (Denon DJ, djay Pro, Pioneer DJ, Serato, edjing, Virtual DJ, DJ it!, DJUCED, DEX 3)
  • Mobile Devices (iOS & Android)
  • Tablets (iOS & Android) 
  • Desktop Computers and Laptops (Desktop app for MacOS & Desktop app for Windows) 
  • Wearable Devices (Apple Watch & Samsung Gear)

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Tidal Music Alternatives

Still undecided about whether Tidal is your go-to music streaming service? Or, perhaps you’re such a huge music lover that you want to enjoy multiple platforms for your hearing pleasure. Here’s a helpful list of some alternatives that your ears will fall in love with:

  1. Spotify – The most famous streaming platform. Rightfully so, since Spotify is heavy on the tunes and light on the budget, it’s a great and completely free alternative to Tidal. With this music streaming service, you’ll have access to over 100 million songs, but not on lossless quality audio. 

Sneak Peek of Spotify Pricing: 

  • – Spotify FREE – FREE!
  • – Spotify Premium Individual – $11.99/month
  • – Spotify Premium Duo – $16.99/month
  • – Spotify Premium Family – $19.99/month
  • – Spotify Premium Student – $5.99/month

More info on Spotify plans : How Much Is Spotify Premium

  1. Deezer – The French music platform alternative that also offers Hi-Res lossless audio. This service gives you access to audiobooks, podcasts, multiple radio stations, and a plethora of HiFi audio music (over 90 million, to be precise). 

Sneak Peek of Deezer Pricing:

  • – Deezer Premium – $11.99/month
  • – Deezer Family – $19.99/month

Check out our Comparison Article: Deezer vs Spotify

  1. Amazon Music – Another crowd favorite for its selection of over 100 million songs and the ability to listen in the highest resolution audio format, FLAC. 

Sneak Peek of Amazon Music Pricing

  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Individual – $9.99/month (Prime members)
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Individual – $10.99/month (Non Prime members)
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Family – $16.99/month 
  • – Amazon Music Unlimited Student – $5.99/month 

Check out our Comparison Article: Amazon Music vs Spotify

  1. YouTube Music – This music streaming service also has more than 100 million songs in its arsenal. Think of this as the modern-day TRL (This stands for Total Request Live, for anyone who’s unfamiliar. It’s a popular show from many years ago). You can simply type in whatever song you want to listen to and watch a video simultaneously. 

Sneak Peek of YouTube Music Pricing

  • – YouTube Music Premium – $10.99/month
  • – YouTube Music Family – $16.99/month
  • – YouTube Music Student – $5.49/month

Check out our Comparison Article: YouTube Music vs Spotify.

Transfer and Manage Playlists with TuneMyMusic

Now that you’ve been schooled on the important aspects of all things Tidal, maybe you’re ready to make a switch but unsure where to start. Allow us to help.

Tidal Subscription article. Screenshot of the TuneMyMusic website.

TuneMyMusic is like your personal assistant in the world of digital tunes and playlists. Anything you wish to do but have always had difficulty doing in the past is now easy with the help of TuneMyMusic. 

Simply check out TuneMyMusic, and you’ll see all of the helpful features such as: 

  • Transfer entire music libraries (copy playlist and music library between music services)
  • Sync playlists (keep 2 playlists from 2 music services always synchronized)
  • Share multiple playlists (share your music with friends who use other music services)
  • Upload (upload songs to your library from a file)
  • Backup (backup your entire music library to a file)

Now all of these features can be done in just a few simple steps when you use TuneMyMusic.

FAQ: Tidal Music

  1. 1) How to cancel Tidal subscription
  • You can simply log in to your account > “My Collection” > “Settings” > “Edit Profile” > “Manage Subscription” > “Subscription” > “Cancel Subscription.” 
  1. 2) Is Tidal worth the money? 
  • Yes, if you’re an audiophile Tidal offers the highest-quality audio at the lowest price when compared to all competing streaming services.
  1. 3) How does listening to music on Tidal work? 
  • Tidal users can stream songs while online (OR) save them to enjoy while offline later. 

There you have it! Now you know all the important things you’ll need to know about Tidal and can decide whether it’s the service you want to try, want to continue to enjoy, or want to cancel.