10 Best Spotify Playlists That Will Make Every Music Fan Happy, Including You [2024]

There are 4+ billion playlists on Spotify. We did our best to bring you the best ones out there.
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Spotify has over 4 billion unique playlists. That’s insane! Grouped into 60+ genres, these musical lists give you more tracks than you can consume in a lifetime. 

Now, Spotify’s top-rated playlists may have millions of followers, but they’re not necessarily the “best Spotify playlists” simply because an algorithm said so.

In our humble opinion, the Top 50 Global is the best Spotify playlist overall to feel the pulse of the music world right now. But based on your preference, other options are likely a better pick. So join us for the 10 best Spotify playlists!

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10 Best Spotify Playlists

  • • Top 50 Global: Best overall
  • • Ultra Gaming: Epic gaming music
  • • Adrenaline Workout: Blood-pumping gym music
  • • Lofi Beats: Focus music for work and study
  • • Country Gold: No. 1 country hits
  • • Rock This: Rock fans’ paradise
  • • Metal Essentials: Headbanging metal tracks
  • • RapCaviar: Best rap playlist
  • • Dance Party: Wild party songs
  • • Today’s Top Hits: 34+ million followers

In the following section, we will cover each of these playlists on Spotify in more detail, including featured artists, subscriber counts, prominent genres, and more. Let’s dive in!

1. Top 50 Global – Best Spotify Playlist Overall

best spotify playlists article showing Top 50 Global playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist overall


  • – A hearty blend of pop, electronic, indie, rap, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and soul music
  • – Powerful good vibes
  • – Covers music from the 2010s to the latest released tracks in 2023
  • – Universally beloved hits with over 2M+ likes each 

Number of Followers: 17+ million

The Top 50 Global is a list of the trendiest tunes people all over the world love. Some of them have been dominating the airwaves for over a decade like Arctic Monkeys’ “I Wanna Be Yours”, but some of them were launched this year and have managed to climb the ladder of popularity.

What all tunes featured in the Top 50 Global playlist have in common is a combination of exemplary songwriting, production, and delivery. Whether it be Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer”, Djo’s “End of Beginning”, or 21 Savage’s “Redrum”, these tunes stand at the peak of their respective genres. 

Beyond being recognized as the most trending Spotify playlist in recent months, Top 50 Global is unique in that it seamlessly blends tracks from genres you wouldn’t expect to gel so well. From pop and rock to alternative and indie to hip-hop, rap, electronica, soul, and R&B, this playlist has something for everyone.

>> Check out the Top 50 Global playlist on Spotify

2. Ultra Gaming – Best Spotify Playlist for Gaming

best spotify playlists article showing Ultra Gaming playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for gaming


  • – A blend of gaming soundtracks and intense electronic music
  • – Firmly focused on bass-heavy tunes 
  • – Over 3 hours of playtime 
  • – 100 action-packed originals and remixes by leading trap, dance, and EDM artists 

Number of Followers: 1+ million 

Music and gaming are inseparable, with music standing tall as one of the most immersive elements of playing games. If you’re looking for the ultimate playlist to empower your virtual journeys, we recommend the Ultra Gaming Playlist.

With 100 most savage, action-packed dance, bass, EDM, and trap tracks, this playlist will make even the most mundane quests feel like proper boss fights. 

It’s perfectly paced to give the listener a bit of a “breathing room” in between aggressive tracks with more casual tunes like “Lovely Bastards” by Zwe1hvndxr, “Fluxxwave” by Clovis Reyes, and “Close Eyes” by DVRST. 

What separates this playlist from contemporary gaming music compilations is that it showcases a broad spectrum of trailblazing talent in the electronic music space. Ultra Gaming offers 3+ hours of pure excitement and is bound to have you at the edge of your seat. 

>> Check out the Ultra Gaming playlist on Spotify

3. Adrenaline Workout – Best Spotify Gym Playlist

best spotify playlists article showing Adrenaline Workout playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for gym and workout


  • – Metal, heavy rock, punk, crossover, trance, and EDM, all in one plate
  • – Features 100 energy-pumping songs
  • – Lasts over 6 hours 
  • – Dynamically arranged to accommodate any type of workout

Number of Followers: 2.4+ million 

The slamming drums of industrial metal, vehement rapping backed by the muddy distortion in crossover hardcore mixed with aggressive electronic dance tracks are the tip of the iceberg in the Adrenaline Workout playlist. 

This unique compilation pulls the most energetic vibes from a diverse set of music genres; some of which are high-charting rock anthems, others B-sides that only die-hard fans know. Adrenaline Workout is laser-focused on the result and effect – inspiring the listener to go above and beyond their limits. 

What makes this playlist so beautiful is that nearly all of its tracks have at least a few sections of “downtime” for you to relax in between your reps, whether it be an emotional solo, a calm before a thunderous breakdown, or a spoken word piece. 

>> Check out the Adrenaline Workout playlist on Spotify

4. Lofi Beats: Best Spotify Playlist for Work and Study

best spotify playlists article showing Lofi Beats playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for work and study


  • – Over 24 hours of quality Lofi music
  • – A curated compilation of 750 most soothing tunes available 
  • – Original music from over 100 artists 
  • – Retains the same tranquil vibe regardless of how it’s shuffled 

Number of Followers: 5.2+ million 

Most LoFi playlists have one thing in common – a natural flow. Where they fail to distinguish themselves is the field of authentic listening experiences; most songs sound (almost) the same and tend to gradually lull the listener to sleep. 

What separates the LoFi Beats Playlist from that norm is that its curators dared to spice it with diverse tracks. Take “Sushin Brain” from Ramsey Road as an example; it gently drifts away from standard minimalist concepts with subtle but powerful guitar effects and melodies.  

Toshdy’s “Undeniable Swagger” takes it up a notch with an upbeat tempo and rhythm, which is a description that could fit Mira’s “Fruta Verde” as well. And then we have gorgeous guitar chords layered atop simple electronic drums in Liphe’s “Electra.” 

Lofi Beats is filled with nuanced details and embellishments that might make your listening experience more interesting, thus improving your focus and performance in school or at work. 

>> Check out the Lofi Beats playlist on Spotify

5. Country Gold – Best Country Playlist on Spotify

best spotify playlists article showing Country Gold playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for country music fans


  • – 95 country rock, bluegrass, and western swing tunes
  • – 6+ hours of pure heartfelt music
  • – Has a song for every mood and occasion 
  • – A good blend of classics and music from aspiring country artists 

Number of Followers: 2.2+ million 

Country music is all about self-expression, storytelling, and inspiring a sense of unity. Unfortunately, most contemporary country playlists are focused on specific sub-genres of this music style and rarely appeal to diverse audiences. 

Country Gold touches on a barrage of unique elements; from songs about perseverance like Dierk Bentley’s “I Hold On” and Miranda Lambert’s “Bluebird” to nostalgic tracks like “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton and Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” to more emotional tunes like Taylor Swift’s rendition of “Love Story,” Country Gold has it all. 

It might not be the trendiest country playlist on Spotify (Hot Country topples it with over 7.4 million followers), but Country Gold is certainly one of the most soulful compilations a true connoisseur could want. 

With over 90+ beautiful tracks from some of the most recognized names in the country music industry, like Zac Brown, Jordan Davis, Tim McGraw, and Carrie Underwood, it practically guarantees a good time, regardless of the occasion. 

>> Check out the Country Gold playlist on Spotify

6. Rock This – Best Spotify Playlist for Rock Fans

best spotify playlists article showing Rock This playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for rock music fans


  • – Top 50 rock classics 
  • – 2.5+ hours of playtime
  • – Everything from soft rock ballads to hard rock anthems
  • – Spiced with a touch of punk rock for extra variety 

Number of Followers: 4.7+ million 

Loud guitars with big tones and even bigger messages have helped rock music withstand the tooth of time for decades.

Despite what Gene Simmons said (on multiple occasions), rock is alive and well, especially on Spotify, where “Rock This” is hailed as one of the best Spotify playlists with over 4.7 million followers. 

If you’re into classic rock, you’ll get to enjoy more than a few vintage hits like Pearl Jam’s “Dark Matter” or “Mustang” by Kings of Leon; Linkin Park is currently positioned at the top with “Friendly Fire”, and after Chester’s untimely passing, Mike Shinoda took the torch and proudly waves it with “Already Over.” 

Rock This is all but a standard Spotify Rock playlist. Beyond paying tribute to some of the legends, it also showcases new talents like Lovejoy, Yungblud, Beach Weather, and Palaye Royale. 

>> Check out the Rock This playlist on Spotify

7. Metal Essentials – Best Metal Playlist on Spotify

best spotify playlists article showing Metal Essentials playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for metal music fans


  • – Top 100 heaviest, darkest, and most aggressive tunes ever recorded
  • – Over 7.5 hours of playtime 
  • – Golden Age albums of the most influential metal artists
  • – Several honorable mentions from adjacent genres like goth rock and heavy rock for extra variety 

Number of Followers: 3.8+ million

Metal Essentials showcases 50 tunes that every metal fan should know by heart. It’s basically a Spotify Playlist in a Bottle, but for fans of the heaviest tones since it’s mostly comprised of songs recorded between the ‘70s and ‘90s. 

True fans would never argue that “Master of Puppets,” “The Trooper,” “Symphony of Destruction,” and “Paranoid” belong in the best Spotify playlist for metal.

The remaining tunes are equally deserving of their respective slots, counting the best work Slayer, Pantera, Motorhead, Korn, and Judas Priest ever recorded. Beyond the “vintage” classics, Metal Essentials also includes a few more “recent” titles.

Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” is easily their biggest commercial success; “Hail to the King” brought Avenged Sevenfold back into the game, and Tool practically earned their cult-like following with “Schism.” 

>> Check out the Metal Essentials playlist on Spotify

8. RapCaviar – Best Rap and Hip-Hop Playlist on Spotify

best spotify playlists article showing RapCaviar playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for rap and hip hop music fans


  • – 50 top-class rap and hip-hop tunes
  • – Over 2 hours of playtime
  • – The second most popular Spotify playlist
  • – The trendiest tracks from upper-echelon artists like Kanye West, 21 Savage, and Drake

Number of Followers: 15.8+ million

Rap and hip-hop are the only genres that can rival the previously undisputed pop genre. This bold statement would be remarkably hard to defend were it not for the gleaming popularity of RapCaviar as the best Spotify playlist in this field. 

With more than 15 million followers, RapCaviar tells us that 1 in every 30 Spotify users has liked this compilation.

Some of the biggest names in the rap world are featured in it, including but not limited to Kanye, 21 Savage, Bryson Tiller, Don Toliver, Flo Milli, and J. Cole. 

>> Check out the Rap Caviar playlist on Spotify

9. Dance Party – Best Party Playlist on Spotify

best spotify playlists article showing Dance Party playlist in the spotify app as the best spotify playlist for parties


  • – 150 party-starters from world-class artists like David Guetta, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris
  • – Some of the most popular remixes of vintage hits
  • – 6.5+ hours of playtime
  • – Bite-sized tunes for a dynamic atmosphere 

Number of Followers: 5.2+ million

Fans of minimalism and techno might disagree with EDM and house fans’ definition of the best Spotify playlist for parties, but what if a single compilation could encompass them all? Dance Party brings the best of both worlds to the table with 150 tunes that are too funky and expressive to ignore. 

It kicks off with Cassö’s infamous house anthem, “Prada,” before diving into one of the most popular EDM remixes David Guetta ever made, “I’m Good (Blue).”

Delving deeper, the playlist flourishes into Kygo & Ava Max’s “Fiesta” before listing some of the poppiest tracks from Bennett, Jain, Peggy Gou, and hundreds of popular dance artists. 

Dance Party’s exquisiteness stems from a good balance between minimalistic beats, melody-driven songs, house tunes with gorgeous vocals, hard electronica, and modern renditions of yesterday’s classics.

>> Check out the Dance Party playlist on Spotify

10. Today’s Top Hits – Most Followed Spotify Playlist

best spotify playlists article showing Today's top Hits playlist in the spotify app as the most followed spotify playlist right now


  • – 50 most popular songs on Spotify
  • – Over 2.5 hours of total playtime
  • – Regularly updated 
  • – Covers all mainstream music genres 

Number of Followers: 34.6+ million 

The “Today’s Top Hits” is the only Spotify playlist where the number of likes and followers perfectly matches the actual quality of songs that comprise the compilation. This fact is hard to argue with, considering that the second most popular playlist on the platform has less than half as many likes. 

Even if we were to completely disregard the stats, the standalone popularity and quality of each “Top Hit” is indisputable.

Benson’s “Beautiful Things,” Tate McRae’s “Greedy,” Beyonce’s “Texas Hold’em,” and Ariana Grande’s “Yes, and?” were recorded and produced with such passion and precision that they rightly deserve the vote of confidence they received. 

This is the best Spotify playlist for people looking for music that is universally beloved by most people “now.” It’s more of a showcase of the latest popular launches than anything, so don’t expect any classics. 

>> Check out Today’s Top Hits playlist on Spotify

How We Ranked the Best Playlists on Spotify

Before dubbing any compilations as the best Spotify playlists, we carefully analyzed the most popular options in each category based on the following criteria.

The “Fit” of Featured Songs & Dynamics

One of the main aspects we were looking for was whether each tune in any given playlist belonged there. When a playlist is good, the same atmosphere and environment are maintained throughout its duration. All it takes is one tune that doesn’t fit to break the hype. 

That’s why we prioritized playlists that strive to create the same vibe regardless of how the song order is shuffled. 

Playlist & Song Duration

Listening to a “short” playlist defeats the purpose, as you’ll have to manually restart it quite often. On the other hand, if a playlist is too long, it would be difficult to navigate, especially if you’re looking for a specific tune or two. 

Throughout our research, we established that playlists that last between 2-6 hours are in the “golden middle” in this regard. This doesn’t fully apply to playlists in certain genres like Lo-Fi and EDM. 

Musical Variety

Even though each of our recommended playlists targets a specific genre, listening to a compilation of songs that hits the same spot usually feels bland. 

We looked for playlists that covered as many sub-genres as possible and lists with tunes that deviate from the norm while remaining true to the “core” of their genre. 


If a playlist has a few thousand likes, we could say that music tastes are subjective and that its popularity isn’t overly important. However, if over a million people like a certain playlist, it is “objectively” trendy and very likely to appeal to broader audiences. 

Throughout our ranking process, the popularity of Spotify playlists was more of a side thing than a determining factor. We prioritized how well the songs gelled, the dynamics of featured tunes, and the diversity of present musical elements, but the end decision was also influenced by the number of interactions each playlist received. 

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Why Is Top 50 Global the Best Spotify Playlist?

Top 50 Global is among the scant few compilations that completely match our criteria for the best Spotify playlists:

  • – Perfect Execution: The tunes blend well together as they’re all flawlessly delivered and produced.
  • – Regular Updates: The playlist is regularly updated but always features exactly 50 songs with “radio-friendly” durations.
  • – Musical Variety: Numerous genres are covered, although you can always expect the latest pop, rock, and rap tunes to be present.
  • – Universally Liked: This Spotify playlist boasts over 17 million likes – and counting!

How to Share Spotify Playlist

Sharing is one of the driving passions of music fans. So it makes perfect sense that Spotify has sharing playlists on their platforms so easily. However, if you want to share a Spotify playlist with another streaming service, that’s where it gets tricky. Thankfully, there’s a solution.

The easiest way to share a Spotify playlist is to open the Spotify app, open the playlist you wish to share, click on the three dots, and choose “Share”. From there, select your sharing destination from the drop-down menu. 

If you are looking to share a Spotify playlist to another streaming service like Apple Music, that’s where Tune My Music comes into play. Here’s a quick guide. 

  1. 1. Visit the TMM Share page.
  2. 2. Select Spotify as the source.
  3. 3. Load the playlist from your Spotify account or paste the URL to the playlist.
  4. 4. Select the music you wish to share and click Save & Share.
  5. 5. Copy the TuneMyMusic link and share it with your friends.

best spotify playlists article showing how to share playlists using tune my music and select spotify as the source service

FAQs About Spotify Playlists

What Is Spotify Playlist in a Bottle?

Spotify Playlist in a Bottle is a unique feature that allows Spotify users to create a “delayed” playlist that can be opened (and used) 12 months after it is created. 

How to Delete Playlists on Spotify?

To delete a Spotify playlist, launch the Spotify app, select the playlist you wish to remove, tap on the three dots, and select “Delete.” When prompted, tap “Delete” again to confirm your decision or “Cancel” if you misclicked. 

If you want to recover your Spotify deleted playlists, just go to your account page, then to “Recover playlists”, and hit Restore where needed.

How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music?

Moving a Spotify Playlist to Apple Music is easy with Tune My Music. This third-party playlist migration tool enables users to transfer their entire music libraries from various supported music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, and more. 

Can You See Who Liked Your Playlists on Spotify?

Right now, it is not possible to see the names of accounts who have liked your Spotify playlist, but you can see the number of users who are following it. To do so, open your Spotify library, tap on “View Profile,” and select “Playlists”. The like/follow count should be displayed below each of your playlists. 

How to Make a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify?

To make a Spotify playlist collaborative, simply create a new playlist on the platform, open it, tap the three dots, and select “Invite Collaborators” to make the desired playlist collaborative.

How to Make a Playlist Private on Spotify?

To make a Spotify playlist private, tap on the desired playlist on your Spotify profile, open its Settings, and choose “Make Private” to make that playlist private. 

How to Get on Spotify Playlists?

There are several ways to get on Spotify playlists, including pitching your work to playlist curaotrs, growing your online presence and getting there organically, and optimizing your Spotify for Artists account.

How to Shuffle Spotify Playlist?

The “Shuffle” button is embedded in track controls in the Spotify Web Player and app. Open the playlist you wish to shuffle, and tap on the first icon from the right to enable Spotify Shuffling on the desired playlist. 

How Can I Share Someone Else’s Spotify Playlist on Apple Music?

If you want to share a Spotify playlist you didn’t make with someone on Apple Music, you will first need to make a copy of that playlist. Simply open the playlist, click the three dots, then “Add to Playlist”, and then select “New Playlist”. After that, you need to use the TuneMyMusic Share feature to share the playlist with anyone on Apple Music or any other streaming service (YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.).

How Do I Transfer a Spotify Playlist to a New Account?

The fastest way to transfer a Spotify playlist to a new account is to open your existing playlist, click the three dots, and go to “Add to Other Playlist.” Just make sure the playlist you’re transferring is public. Another efficient option is to use the TuneMyMusic transfer feature and be done with just a few clicks.

Top 5 Spotify Playlists: Quick Glance 

Top 50 Global: The best Spotify playlist overall. It offers a selection of the most popular tunes that you can find on the platform, guaranteed to appeal to the majority of Spotify users. The list includes a range of pop, rock, rap, and electronic tunes with the highest following. 

Ultra Gaming: The best Spotify playlist for gaming. It offers the sharpest, most aggressive electronic music available on the platform. It’s perfect for true EDM and trap fans, as well as folks looking for cinematic listening experiences. 

Adrenaline Workout: The best workout playlist on Spotify. It’s brimming with exceptionally dynamic, action-packed tracks that are bound to make your pulse race. 

Lofi Beats: The best focus playlist on Spotify, perfect for work and study. We are looking at a massive selection of Lofi beats that are bound to relax you and get you ready for those deep work sessions or many hours of effective studying.

Country Gold: The best country playlist on Spotify, featuring chart-topping country hits from all eras. We like how the list doesn’t just focus on the new country music or the classics from 50+ years ago but instead delivers the best of both worlds.

Spotify Playlist Tips and Tricks

Now that you know what the best playlists on Spotify are, we would like to dedicate a few lines to the useful tips that can enhance your Spotify playlist experience.

  • – Import Playlists From Other Streaming Services: You could always make new playlists from scratch, but importing existing ones can save you hours if not days of trouble. Consider using Tune My Music to seamlessly migrate music libraries from other music services to Spotify. 
  • – Organize Playlists in Folders: How to organize Spotify playlists? Well, you should keep your music organized by grouping playlists into folders based on genre, mood, or any other theme. To make a folder, just go to Your Library and hit the plus sign to (Create a Playlist or Folder).
  • – Embrace Assisted Playlisting: Let Spotify help you build your playlists with song recommendations based on the tracks you’ve already added.
  • – Experiment with Crossfade: Create a seamless listening experience by setting up crossfade between tracks. To activate crossfade, click your profile image in the top right corner, hit “Settings”, find “Playback”, and turn the “Crossfade” slider on so it becomes green.
  • – Learn How to Use Both the Web Player and the Spotify App: even though they’re similar, the Spotify app and Web Player have a few differently designed functionalities that can improve your experience. 
  • – Backup, Backup, Backup: Better safe than sorry, so make sure to use TMM’s Backup feature to create backup versions of your Spotify playlists. The frustration of losing a playlist can be huge, and it’s best to avoid it.

Are You Ready to Experience the Best Playlists on Spotify?

Everyone has a different taste in music, but when enough people like, say, 17+ million Spotify users, adore the same songs, we can confidently say that such a playlist is well-curated and that each featured tune is perfectly placed.

That’s what makes Top 50 Global the best Spotify playlist overall in our book. Still, that’s just the beginning.

We hope you enjoyed checking out our best Spotify playlists. Even though the rankings of specific songs may change from time to time, these massive hits aren’t going anywhere soon. Stay safe and enjoy the music!

And if you’re looking to optimize your Spotify experience to the max, have a look at our How-To page for additional info and articles.