How to Get More Streams On Spotify

Learn seven key strategies on how to get more streams on Spotify for your music and increase your listener and fan base.
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Spotify streams have become a show of an artist’s visibility and popularity. The service has also become a key part of an artist’s marketing strategy as they seek to expand their audience. Most notably, Spotify allows independent or new artists to upload their music for exposure to the platform’s global listeners. If you’re making music, this is a huge opportunity for you as Spotify pulls 404 million monthly active users and is available in 178 countries. The average Spotify user listens to 40 unique artists weekly, meaning new musicians have a greater chance to be discovered or maximize their audience through the platform.

How has Spotify become so popular as a music streaming platform? These days, people use their listening activity and Spotify statistics in many ways. Often, it is a means to socialize with friends by sharing new music they may be listening to or playlists of their favorite songs. On top of the platform’s official Spotify Wrapped feature that provides end-of-the-year statistics for a listener, many third-party websites, such as,, or Receiptify have become popular as a way for listeners to show off what they listen to and how often. Music artists can use these platform-generated statistics to understand trends and patterns among listeners.

Here are 7 best strategies on how to get More streams on Spotify:

  1. 1 – Add your songs to popular playlists
  2. 2 – Ensure crisp and clear audio quality
  3. 3 – Step up your music production adapted to streaming platforms
  4. 4 – Use Spotify Canvas
  5. 5 – Use third-party Spotify Pre-Save campaigns
  6. 6 – Run Spotify ads to get more streams for your music
  7. 7 – Post your songs in Facebook Groups

So, let’s dig more into these topics and look at a few ways with pro tips on how you can get more streams on Spotify.

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A popular way to increase the plays of your songs on Spotify is to add your music to popular playlists. You have three different ways to do this: 

  • • You use the “Pitch a Song” option in the Spotify for Artists dashboard. This option will apply to your song to be included in the popular Playlists curated by Spotify staff editors, such as “Release Radar” and “This Is.” When pitching a song, it’s not guaranteed that your song will be selected, but if it is, you can get some good plays in your music. 
  • • Apply manually to other popular playlists that aren’t maintained by Spotify. Find a good popular playlist that’s in the genre of music you make, and try to find the contact of the person who manages the playlist. It’s not an easy process, but if you can score some listing in those playlists, it will help your music to reach more listeners.
  • • Use appropriate music promotion services that connect artists with playlist managers. There are many different services like this, such as Groover and Playlist Push. The price and way they operate varies. So do your research to find which one is the best for you and fits your budget.

Groover, which is a great example of music promotion services, helps artists get their music heard. Through an intuitive web platform, Groover connects artists who want to promote their music with the best playlist curators, radios and labels seeking emerging talents. On Groover, artists can send their music directly to a selection of blogs, radios, playlist curators, record labels and pros of their choice, get guaranteed feedback and coverage!

Among other services for playlist submission, Playlist Push has emerged as a powerful tool for musicians seeking to expand their reach and boost their streaming numbers. The platform harnesses the influence of both popular playlists and the virality of TikTok to amplify an artist’s presence and drive engagement. Playlist Push connects musicians with a wider audience of potential listeners by carefully curating and submitting songs to relevant playlists across various streaming platforms.

Playlists are a great way to reach a broad audience, but make sure it’s a playlist that makes sense to your music. Otherwise, it might damage your results because people might skip your song.

Ensure crisp and clear audio quality to guarantee good listening experience

Spotify has recently moved towards high-res streaming quality, calling the premium service HiFi. The new service is set to provide lossless audio quality that significantly improves on the typical audio format from the platform — going beyond the current 320 kbps bitrate to 1,411 kbps, closer to CD quality. To maximize this quality upgrade, artists should prioritize producing high-quality music that will make the most of the features. This can help you draw in more users who prioritize audio quality. For one, microphone experts Shout4Music advise using a large diaphragm condenser mic, as condenser microphones are created to pick up detailed sounds, particularly vocals. Most music studios — even home setups — would use a condenser mic to capture an artist’s vocals and any instruments used better. If you’d like to invest in exceptional quality, the Neumann TLM 103 is a sturdy condenser mic that works dynamically to record both extremely loud sound sources and very quiet sounds, thanks to its low self-noise.

Step up your music production adapted to streaming platforms

Recording a song’s vocals and instrumentals is only half the battle for musicians. You must run your essential files and resources through music-making software to bring your songs to life. A TechRadar rundown of free music-making software highlights titles like Waveform Free and Apple’s exclusive digital audio workstation (DAW) software, GarageBand, which has helped countless artists and music producers create high-quality music without the need to invest in third-party music producers and sound mixers. Software like Waveform Free or Cakewalk by BandLab provides artists with advanced audio mixing and mastering tools for no cost, along with other additional features such as songwriting tools and studio-quality effects that can help make your music stand out among the rest.

Use Spotify Canvas to help you get more streams

Aside from creating your music, getting more people to listen is essentially about marketing your music. Fortunately, Spotify has several built-in features to help artists get more streams. One of these features is called Spotify Canvas — a three to eight seconds looping video that plays in the background of a song you’re streaming on Spotify. Many artists use the Canvas feature to liven up a track using visual accompaniment. In fact, the use of Canvas is attributed to a 145% increase in the likelihood of your music getting shared and a 20% likelihood of getting added to playlists. With so many songs being uploaded to Spotify daily, being creative and thinking visually can help give your music the edge it needs to intrigue new and old listeners.

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Use third-party Spotify Pre-Save campaigns

You can also use pre-save campaigns for your release and promotional strategy. While pre-save campaigns aren’t native to Spotify, you can use tools from third-party developers to allow new and old listeners to pre-save your song or album before release. By pre-saving, fans get notified when your music is released for immediate access. In theory, a successful pre-save campaign can generate many organic streams to put your songs in Spotify’s algorithmic playlists, drawing in even more listeners. The data that you get from your pre-save campaigns can also help you establish deeper relationships with your listeners. You could send personalized thank you notes, early access info to shows or tours, or add them to your mailing list so they can access the latest news and updates about your music.

Spotify also recently announced that they are launching Countdown Pages, a feature for artists that will enable them to pre-save upcoming albums. Not just that, but the fans will be able to preview the track list, pre-order new merch, watch video Clips the artists have shared, and see the timer count down to the release moment. Everything in just one place.

Run Spotify ads to get more streams for your music

There’s always good old advertising. Spotify’s self-service Spotify Ads Studio lets smaller companies, brands, and independent artists advertise for as low as a $250 budget. For reference, Spotify’s advertising campaigns used to cost $25,000 when only large brands used the advertising service. So how can Spotify ads help you grow your streams for your music? For one, Spotify has more than 345 million monthly viewers and 199 million ad-supported users, making it the easiest way to reach the platform’s listener base and grow your music career. Spotify also offers a variety of ad experiences, resources, and services, including voice-over actors, scripts, background music, and different audio effects. However, it’s essential to tune into the target audience you want for your music so that the service can automatically and effectively target the right users.

Another tip for ads on Spotify ads for artists is Spotify Marquee, a in-app banner ad-like to promote new releases for artists to premium listeners who have interected or might have interested in your music.

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Combining quality sound, great music, and strategic advertising will allow you to get more streams of your songs on Spotify. By researching, experimenting with the platform, and furthering your craft, you’ll get more streams in no time.

Post your songs in Facebook Groups to get more streams

Finally, promoting your music through social media is an effective strategy. You can either create ads or promote your music manually by posting it on Facebook groups that are designed for discovering new music. These groups often have thousands of members, and you can submit your song to be posted or even work out a deal with the administrator to have your song pinned. It’s crucial to find groups that align with your target audience and will actively engage with your post and music. Additionally, make sure to provide a detailed description of your song and encourage users to share it if they enjoy it.

It’s not an easy task to promote your music, but these methods will for sure give a boost to your tunes and reach more people by spreading your message. You created something beautiful. Now you need to put in the work to make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

Manage Playlist Across Music Platforms

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How to get more streams on Spotify in a nutshel

In conclusion, Spotify has emerged as a powerful platform for artists to showcase their music and reach a global audience. To get more streams on Spotify you can: First and foremost, prioritizing crisp and clear audio quality can attract users who value high-fidelity sound. Investing in music production tools and software can elevate the quality of the final product and make it stand out among the rest. Leveraging Spotify Canvas, a visual accompaniment to songs, can enhance listener engagement and increase the likelihood of sharing and playlist placements. Third-party pre-save campaigns can generate organic streams and foster deeper relationships with fans. Running targeted Spotify ads can also help artists expand their listener base by reaching the platform’s vast user community. Furthermore, getting songs added to popular playlists, whether through Spotify’s pitching option, direct contact with playlist managers, or music promotion services, can expose music to a wider audience. Finally, utilizing social media, particularly Facebook groups focused on music discovery, can be an effective method for promoting music and encouraging engagement. By employing a combination of these strategies and putting in the necessary effort, artists can maximize their potential and ensure their music reaches as many people as possible.