How to See Spotify Stats

Find out your most played songs with these top Spotify stats apps. Learn how to see your Spotify Stats and discover your music listening habits.
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Curiosity gets the best of us. 

We love to listen to our favorite playlists as we travel to and from work, toil the day away, or for weekend get-togethers or getaways. But how much do you pay attention to the songs you play on repeat? How many times did you listen to that favorite band? Do you count how many times you played that favorite track over the year? 

Probably not much. 

Until December, when Spotify Wrapped sends you stats for the most streamed songs on Spotify. There’s something exciting about finding you’re in the top 3% of listeners for your favorite band. 

But what if you can’t wait until the end of the year? Is Spotify Wrapped your only option? Don’t worry; there are other ways to get your music stats for Spotify.

In a hurry? We summarize for you.

There are two main ways to see your Spotify stats. The first option is to wait until the end of the year and see what Spotify prepares with cool stats and curiosities about your music stats presented as lists, graphs, or even short animated videos. The second option is to use a third-party solution freely available to get different ways how to see your Spotify stats. Some are available online, others are via mobile app, and some are even in a newsletter form. The main third-party options to see your Spotify stats are: 

  • (free web app)
  • (web app and mobile app)
  • (newsletter and web app)

If you want to know more about all those options and get some more bonus tips on other cool apps, keep reading and find out everything about how to see Spotify stats.

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Why Look Back at Your History and See Spotify Stats

According to Spotify, it has 456 million active listeners every month. There is something about knowing where your musical tastes lie amid that vast sea of people that satisfy our curiosity. It helps us see what it is we like and build better playlists, too. It’s a way to look at your music taste from the outside, using some Spotify stats metrics. It’s just another way to get nerdy about yourself.

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How to See Spotify Stats

Spotify Wrapped is a fun way to see Spotify stats and get unique details about your apparent favorite songs, artists, and genres. And it boasts how you place as a top fan. Unfortunately, you must wait until the end of the year to get that information. Spotify compiles its data throughout the calendar year and usually releases the information in December through some cool slides and creative ways of showing your listening taste and music favorites. 

To see Spotify Wrapped, you must open the Spotify app using your smartphone and log into your account. A banner will appear, offering you to see your music listening habits stats over the current year. Another way is to login into your Spotify account using a browser on your computer, and a banner for Spotify Wrapped will pop up, prompting you to see your Spotify stats.

If you want data for your top-played songs on Spotify throughout the year, you will need another music stats app or service to look for monthly or quarterly views.

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Other Spotify Music Statistics Services

The benefit of using other Spotify stats services is that you get similar features but have access to your data year-round, like your most played songs on Spotify and so much more. Some are in the form of a website where no signup or download is required, and others are via newsletter or even mobile. We separate a few of the best options available. Check out some fan favorites below.

Get your music stats for Spotify year-round with No sign up or download is necessary. Just access the website and login with your Spotify account to not only get your stats but do things like create playlists from your personal favorites and then play them on Spotify. It’s probably the most basic of the three sites but it makes it easy to navigate. Stats for Spotify is available as an online dashboard. (formerly Spotistats for Spotify)

We love because it is so well-rounded and has a great design. It offers an online and mobile app versions. provides deep insight into your music habits. Find out the number of tracks you’ve streamed in the past 24 hours, 7 days, or a specified time frame. It breaks down your favorite genre and gives you a percentage of the types of songs you are listening to-are they energetic? Upbeat dance tracks? Instrumentals? The answer is right at your fingertips. 

And if you want your life-time history, you can import it to get complete stats on that as well. Don’t have all your history in one place? Use Tune My Music to transfer your playlists from one music streaming service to another. is a Spotify stats app that claims to be your Spotify profile on steroids. It is like Spotify Wrapped, but you can use it all year round. It allows you to share it with friends and compare your lists with each other. also breaks down your music by the type of song, release date, song length, and overall popularity. It comes to you through a monthly newsletter, so you can see your Spotify stats via email with a cool design, and it also provides an online app option.  

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Other Fun Music Stats Apps to Use

There are other ways to find your top-played songs on Spotify while getting additional information in fun and accessible ways. Take a look at these Spotify stats apps to learn more.


Receiptify is a tool that tracks your 10 most played songs on Spotify for the last month, last 6 months, and all-time, then displays them in a receipt fashion. This is a fun way to share your music insights on social media with a cool and unique design. 

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Icebergify it’s a fun and different way to see your Spotify stats. It uses the data collected by Spotify about your top 50 artists in the short-term (one month), mid-term (six months), and long-term (several years) to rate them from your most favorite, which is displayed at the top of the iceberg to your least favorite on the bottom. 

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Think your music taste runs left of center? Obscurify will be the judge of that. This music stats app uses Spotify’s Web API to display your music history, breaking it down into your top genres and recommending lesser-known artists you might not know about. 

Obscurify can create playlists from your favorites and tuck them safely away in your library, where you can access them whenever you want. Of course, you can share your lists with friends, too. 

TuneMyMusic Share

Another great way to have more stats about your Spotify playlists is by sharing it. With TuneMyMusic Share feature you are able to share your favorite songs and have stats on how many times those playlists were clicked to be played, copied and much more.

Keep All Your Favorites

Besides seeing your Spotify stats in a cool way, we also know how important it is to keep all of your favorites on hand, stored safely in one place. You’ve spent the time and effort to create playlists filled with music you love played by all your favorite artists-these apps prove it. You may even have created a great playlist through the apps we recommended here and now want to transfer to another music streaming service or even share it with your friends.

TuneMyMusic is the tool to safely transfer your tunes from one music streaming service to another, so you never lose a thing. If you are considering changing your music streaming provider, check our TuneMyMusic today and never lose another song again.

Now that you know how to see your stats on Spotify, browse around our How-To page for some cool tips on how to enhance your Spotify experience and get the most out of your music streaming experience.