Spotify Not Working: Every Spotify Error Fix + Explanation (Easy Solutions)

We went through all the common Spotify errors to help you fix the issue and enjoy your music playlists to the fullest extent. Let's dive right in!
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Spotify is one of the best streaming platforms in the world – no doubt about it. But, even Spotify is not bug-free.

From minor glitches to app-breaking crashes and user mistakes, Spotify error codes are something music fans have to deal with daily.

We’re here to help you understand and troubleshoot some of the most common issues and figure out why your Spotify is not working. You can encounter these issues both on the Spotify app or the web player.

So, let’s start from the top. 

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Spotify Error Code Auth 73: Causes & How to Fix

The authentication error code or “auth 73” is one of the most common issues Spotify users deal with. Several issues can trigger this one. 

The Spotify Error Code Auth 73 can show up at launch due to the following reasons:

  • – You are trying to access Spotify from an unsupported country
  • – Your firewall is preventing the app from properly launching
  • – Your internet connection is slow or unstable
  • – Your VPN settings are on (even if you’re not using one)
  • – A minor bug might be interfering with your Spotify connection

The main problem here is that the “error code auth 73” message won’t explain which of these common reasons is the root of this issue.

Start by eliminating the possible bug by rebooting your device, and then relaunching the app. If your internet is unstable, switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data (or vice versa). 

If you received a message that “your firewall might be blocking Spotify,” click the “Start” button and open the “Control Panel.” Then, select “System and Security” and go to “Windows Defender Firewall.”

This covers Spotify not working on PC devices. If you’re a Mac user, go to System Settings > Network > Firewall.

Spotify not working article showing error code auth 73 how to open firewall settiongs on windows pc devices

Choose “Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Defender Firewall”, select “Spotify”, and then tap “Change Settings” to confirm.

Spotify not working article showing error code auth 74 how to allow spotify through firewall on windows and click the change settings button

Spotify is currently unavailable in several countries, including China, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Libya, and several others. If you’re using a VPN, there is a chance that you might not be able to get through (depending on the reliability of your software). 

Finally, open “Settings” in your Spotify app and make sure that your “Spotify Proxy Settings” are set to “No Proxy.”

spotify not working article showing how to set no proxy in spotify app settings from the available proxy settings options

It’s set to “autodetect” by default, and Spotify may accidentally “assign” you a server that is unstable or downright unsupported. This will minimize the chance of Auth 73 code appearing in the future.

Spotify Error Code: Access Point 22: How to Fix

Spotify not working article showing error code Access Point 22 along with a text saying this app is restricted to premium users only

To solve the “Spotify Error Code: Access Point 22”, all you have to do is update your Spotify version. The end.

The error code Access Point 22 is one of the most confusing Spotify errors, but also the easiest to solve. It usually comes with the message, “This app is restricted to Premium users only,” but what this error actually means is that you’re using an outdated and unsupported version of Spotify. 

All Spotify versions up to April 2021 are no longer supported and maintained. Spotify’s team made significant changes and introduced many new features since then, encouraging users to stick with the latest version. 

Fortunately, all Spotify apps receive automatic updates as soon as a new version becomes available.

In case you’re using a mobile app, go to the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS), type “Spotify” in the search bar, and look for a button titled “Update” to manually initiate the updating process. 

Here’s what one of the Spotify representatives said about the issue:

“Older versions of the app often have broken or missing features due to their old interface, which cannot support the latest Spotify experience. In addition some of these old apps have security vulnerabilities associated with underlying older technologies. These vulnerabilities are not available on the latest versions of the app and can only be eliminated by shutting down services built with older technologies.”

Upstream Request Timeout Spotify Error

What does Upstream Request Timeout mean on Spotify? Well, an “Upstream Request Timeout” occurs when the server fails to receive a timely response from an upstream server. This can happen due to network issues, server overload, or configuration problems.

When folks ask us, “Why does Spotify say Upstream Request Timeout”, we say that network issues are a common cause. However, server overload is another potential cause. If Spotify’s servers are handling too many requests simultaneously, they may not be able to respond in time, resulting in a timeout.

Misconfigured network settings on your device or issues with Spotify’s server configurations can also trigger this error. Additionally, overly restrictive firewall or security settings might block communication between your device and Spotify’s servers, causing the request to timeout.

Upstream Request Timeout Spotify Fixes:

  • Clear Cache: Clearing the Spotify app’s cache on your device can resolve issues arising from corrupted or outdated data. To do this, go to Spotify Settings, scroll down to “Storage”, and click “Clear Cache”.
  • Check Your Internet Connection: Restarting your router or switching to another network can sometimes resolve the issue.
  • Restart Spotify: Close the Spotify application completely and then reopen it. Simple restarts can often clear up temporary issues.
  • Update Spotify: Make sure you are using the latest version of Spotify. Updates often include fixes for known issues and performance improvements.
  • Disable Firewall/Security Software Temporarily: Temporarily disable any firewall or security software to check if they are causing the issue. Remember to enable them again after testing.
  • Restart Your Device: Sometimes, a simple restart of your device can clear out minor glitches and restore proper functionality.

Spotify Install Error 18

Spotify not working article showing install error code 18 along with a text saying how the installer is unable to install spotify because the files to be written are in use by another process

The “Spotify error code: 18” shows your device is struggling to install the Spotify app again. It almost never pops up when you’re trying to set up Spotify for the first time and makes an almost guaranteed appearance if you haven’t properly uninstalled it before. 

In essence, chunks of Spotify files may still exist in your device’s storage while you’re trying to re-install it, resulting in the Spotify error code 18. 

The first thing you can do is open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys, navigating to “Processes”, and manually shutting Spotify down from there. Or for Mac users, click the Apple logo in the top left corner, then “Force Quit,” and then Spotify.

Spotify not working article showing install error code 18 showing task manager spotify end command with spotify processess highlighted

If the problem persists, reboot your device in safe mode, tap “Start” in the bottom left corner, and enter “%AppData%”. Go to this location and find the Spotify folder. Either delete it and flush it from the recycle bin, or shift + del to permanently delete it in one swoop. 

To stay on the safe side, also remove all temporary files from your storage in case fragments of data still remain.

To do this, open the Windows Settings panel (by tapping “settings” in “Start”) and choose “System” before selecting “Storage”. Click on “Temporary Files” and select “Remove Files” to safely flush all temporary data from your device. 

Spotify not working article showing install error code 18 showing Remove Temp Files on a PC windows device

Spotify Error 412

Spotify not working article showing install error code 412 along with a text saying that a firewall may be blocking spotify

Similar to Auth Code 73, the Spotify error code 412 relates to connection issues. While several things can cause Auth Code 73, the Error Code 412 pops up when you try to connect to Spotify using social media credentials (e.g., your Facebook account). 

This error can sometimes pop up when you allowed Spotify to pass through your firewall, but it’s either glitching or out of date. If this is the case, open the “Firewall” panel in the “Settings” menu of your device and if multiple firewalls exist, open all of them separately and search for an “Update” button. 

Apart from Spotify’s proxy settings, make sure that your PC, Mac, or mobile phone’s proxy servers are not set on autodetect.

Open “Settings”, go to “Network & Internet”, and at the bottom of the sidebar you should see a menu called “Proxy”. Click on it, and disable the setting called “Use a proxy server” under “Manual Proxy Setup”. 

Spotify not working article showing install error code 412 changing Proxy Settings in pc through an on off slider saying use a proxy server

If you keep seeing Spotify Error 412 even if you’ve done all of the above, we recommend fully uninstalling the Spotify app and reinstalling it. 

“This Song Is Not Available” Spotify Error

The Spotify Song Not Available error has been pretty common until several years ago, but it can still appear under certain circumstances. There are two scenarios for this case and only one that you can fix in just a few minutes. 

Firstly, you may see the “song is not available” text if your chosen track isn’t currently available in your country.

The process of obtaining a license to stream any song, album, or live performance is unique for every state, and it’s not too rare for certain tunes to reach markets deemed “less popular” at a later date. If that is the case, check back in a few days or weeks, and the song might become available. 

In the second case, this error is technical in nature and might encompass the following scenarios:

  • – Your cache is full and Spotify can’t store new data, rendering the chosen track unavailable
  • – The size of the song exceeds your (currently) available Spotify Storage space
  • – The drivers on your device might be outdated, causing them to be unable to support the chosen audio quality

If the app’s cache is full, open the Settings menu in the Spotify app and navigate to the “Storage” section. Tap “Clear Cache” to remove unnecessary data and make “room” for the song you want to hear.

Spotify not working article showing spotify song isn't available and a solution of clearing cache through the spotify settings

If you’re seeing this error after trying to play a “large” song in the highest quality possible, you can try lowering the streaming quality from general settings. Alternatively, download the song on your device. 

In rare cases where the “song is not available” error appears on multiple tracks with different audio quality settings, it might be telling you that the drivers on your device require an update.

Open the Device Manager app on your preferred device, find the “Sound” or “Audio” category, and locate your audio card. Scroll until you find the “Update” button and click on it. 

Spotify Failed to Start Error Code 6

spotify not working article screenshot showing spotify error code 17 along with a text saying spotify could not be started

One of the most app-breaking bugs and error codes you can encounter while using Spotify is error code 6. Essentially, it prevents the app from launching and could be considered a soft crash. 

The reason for this error can stem from various sources. Your device might be infected with malware that ultimately corrupted the files; the download might’ve prematurely finished, leaving you with incomplete installation files, or even if you already got the app, a glitch might have corrupted some of its crucial files, rendering the app unusable. 

Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem is to completely uninstall Spotify from your device and install it again. On the upside, you don’t have to worry about your playlists, liked artists, and followers – as soon as you reinstall the app, it will be the same as when you left it. 

It’s imperative to delete all Spotify files, including the roaming data, so once again, search %AppData%, find the Spotify folder, and permanently delete all files in it. 

If this error is too much for you and you want to try your luck with another streaming service, use the TunemyMusic Transfer feature to take your Spotify playlist to any other platform.

Spotify “A Facebook Error Has Occurred”

Spotify not working article showing spotify facebook error has occured along with a text saying sorry something went wrong

One of the ways you can log into Spotify as a brand-new user is to use your existing Facebook credentials. This way, Spotify will create an account and password for you based on the data on your FB account.

However, you may come across the “Facebook Error has Occurred” issue here. 

This error can often appear after you change your Facebook password shortly before trying to use it to log into Spotify. The solution is quite simple – wait a few minutes so that your password request change is fully processed, and try again. 

It’s also quite common for this error to show if you’re simultaneously logged on both Spotify and Facebook on multiple devices. For example, if you’re online on both platforms on your PC and mobile phone, this error might pop up. 

Log out from both Spotify and Facebook on all devices; the shortest way to do so is to open the Settings menu, navigate to “Security and Privacy”, and choose “Sign Out Everywhere”. Then log on to your Facebook account, and then Spotify on your preferred device. 

Spotify not working article showing spotify facebook error has occured and a possible solution of clicking the sign out everywhere button under security and privacy settings

Spotify Upstream Connect Error (Spotify Web Player Not Working)

The dreaded “upstream connection error” is among the most common issues and is not exclusive to the Spotify app. It can appear whenever the website you are trying to reach struggles to obtain (or maintain) a stable connection with your device.

This error mainly appears in the Spotify Web Player. If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, you’re far more likely to encounter the same problem but differently worded as “error code 111“. 

Firstly, check your internet connection when trying to access Spotify. If the connection’s strength fluctuates, your request to connect will simply time out, resulting in the “upstream connection error.”

It is also possible that you can’t connect to Spotify’s servers because they are undergoing routine maintenance. We follow Spotify on X where they regularly release news about such events, but you can also use free service like DownDetectir to see where Spotify’s servers are down and for how long. 

Spotify Error 14

The Spotify Error Code 14 is a runtime error that usually follows a startup crash or an automatic app shutdown while it’s currently active.

Unfortunately, there are many possible causes here, from sudden internet loss and major back-end glitches to overloaded RAM memory and incompatible programs running in the background.

Pinpointing the root of the cause is the first step, so we advise shutting down all unnecessary programs before relaunching Spotify again. If this doesn’t work, reboot your device and ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

If you are using the desktop/mobile Spotify app, ensure that it is up to date. If you are using the Spotify Web Player, you may encounter the error code 14 if your browser is outdated.

If you use Google Chrome, updating it is quite simple. Open “Settings” and tap “More,” select “Help,” and choose “Update Google Chrome.” The process is almost the same for other browser versions. 

Spotify Error Code 409

Spotify not working article showing spotify error code 409 along with a message saying login failed and an OK button at the bottom

The Spotify Error Code 409 is a notification of a failed login attempt. It appears when you mistype your login credentials, but it may also show on outdated Spotify versions. 

The simplest fix to this error code is to accurately type your Spotify password and username. Update the app if the issue persists, and try typing your credentials again.

To test whether the error code 409 is a mistake on your side or a glitch on Spotify’s side, try connecting with your Facebook. 

If you keep seeing this code, reboot your device and empty your Spotify cache. There have been only a few reports that code 409 resisted all troubleshooting attempts, but if that’s the case, you may need to reinstall the Spotify app. 

Spotify Error 102

Spotify not working article showing spotify error code 102 along with a message saying oops something went wrong, please try again

When the Spotify Error 102 appears, it doesn’t tell you much about what it is other than “Oops, something went wrong.” This error typically pops up to users who create a joint Spotify account via family subscriptions, preventing the “inviting” user from connecting new users. 

This “error” is more of a mistake on the user’s side, but in all fairness, the process is a bit complex.

First of all, each of the family members trying to join the family plan must be logged into their own accounts, and then manually use the inviting link provided that the “Join” function isn’t working as intended. 

Additionally, all joining users should be approaching the family plan from the same “physical” address but different “email” addresses. Consider contacting Spotify’s customer support for additional instructions on how to properly set up a joint Spotify account. 

You can also transfer your Spotify playlist to another streaming platform using the TMM Transfer feature, just to stay on the safe side.

Spotify Error Code Auth 2

The Spotify Error Code titled “Auth 2” typically occurs when users are trying to launch the app with an unstable internet connection. It may also appear if the server is taking too long to process your authentication request, leading to a “timeout.” 

Additionally, you may see this notification if you’ve typed your password/username wrong, or if Spotify’s servers are undergoing maintenance. 

To properly troubleshoot the issue, it is important to carefully read the “official” reason in the code’s message. 

  • – If you see “Service is Temporarily Unavailable,” check Spotify’s socials to see when the maintenance process is scheduled for operation.
  • – If you see “the username or password is incorrect”, type your credentials carefully, but make sure to not make too many mistakes to avoid locking yourself out of your Spotify account for a while.  

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Spotify Search Not Working

You won’t see any error codes when the Search function in your Spotify app malfunctions. This is a minor bug that can come unexpectedly at any time, but fortunately, logging out and back on will fix it. 

Consider trying other “regular” solutions that you’d normally use to get rid of common Spotify crashes or error codes – update the Spotify app, clear its cache, and try reinstalling it if nothing else works. 

Spotify Not Working: Frequently Asked Questions

What is error 404 on Spotify?

The Spotify error code 404 is a login issue or an API-related problem. If reloading the page doesn’t work, make sure you have a stable internet connection and launch the app again. If the error code 404 persists, reinstall the app, try using the Web Player, or consider logging in via Facebook. 

What is error code 30 on Spotify?

The Spotify Error Code 30 pops up when dealing with a bad or unstable internet connection. Try re-launching Spotify after checking your internet runs smoothly.

Why is Spotify not working?

If your Spotify isn’t working, start by restarting the app and checking for any updates. A stable internet connection is crucial, so ensure yours is reliable. Updating your device’s operating system might also help. If playlists are missing, they might have been accidentally deleted but can often be recovered. For persistent issues, logging out and back into the app could resolve the problem. 

Why is my Spotify Premium not working?

Spotify users who have subscribed to Spotify Premium should check they are logging in with the right credentials. In all other cases, Spotify might be undergoing routine maintenance and should allow Premium (and regular) users to launch the app and web player shortly.

Summary: Spotify Not Working on iPhone, Android or PC

We have steadily reached the end of the line here. Again, there are several reasons why your Spotify is not working but thankfully, most fixes are easy.

Have another look at our list of Spotify error codes, find the solution for your issue, and keep enjoying the music. If the problem is too large and you’re considering leaving Spotify, don’t forget to take your playlists with you using TuneMyMusic.

Is your Spotify app not working after everything we discussed here? Consider reaching out to the Spotify support team then. Good luck!

For more guides, fixes, and helpful info, visit our How To section and keep learning and keep improving your streaming experience. As always, stay safe and have a good one!