Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience

Spotify isn’t just a music streaming service. It’s truly an experience that you will want to make the most of every time you put your headphones on. Learn tips and tricks to boost your Spotify experience.
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The way that we listen to music has already been revolutionized thanks to Spotify’s launch in 2006. Spotify is available on multiple platforms including desktop, web, and mobile devices, and gives Spotify users access to over 100 million songs, 5 million podcasts, and 4 billion playlists. One of the reasons it maintains the top status of the music streaming industry despite strong competition from Apple Music and YouTube Music is that the company is constantly seeking ways to enhance its service. Yet, when compared to a modern world that is always evolving, people’s wants can no longer be satisfied by listening to music in a traditional way.

Gone are the days where you’d stay up all night next to your boombox with a cassette tape in the stereo and your finger on the record button waiting for that brand new song you want to show your BFF. Don’t know what a cassette tape is? Uh… Gone are the days when you’d pay 99 cents for the new banger on iTunes, burn it to a CD, mark it with a sharpie design and pass it to your BFF between classes. Don’t know what a CD is either? Well this is awkward…

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Perhaps, we need to learn to keep up with the changing times as brilliantly as Spotify has done over the years. In fact, Spotify plugins and updates are second-to-none in delivering quality and continuously improving the listening experience. With all that cool features, we definitely have some cool tricks you can try to boost your Spotify experience.

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Sharing Music Is A Love Language

At least, in our world it is… And, we’re fairly certain Spotify speaks the same language because they not only offer you the option to share your carefully curated playlists, they also offer innovative (and incredibly fun) features like Collaborative Playlists, Spotify Blend, Spotify Playlist Enhance and everyone’s favorite Spotify Wrapped.

Let’s break down each of these features. 

At least, in our world it is… And, we’re fairly certain Spotify speaks the same language because they not only offer you the option to share your carefully curated playlists, they also offer innovative (and incredibly fun) features like Collaborative Playlists, Spotify Blend, Spotify Playlist Enhance and everyone’s favorite Spotify Wrapped.

Let’s break down each of these features. 

Share and manage all your playlists across music streaming platforms with Tune My Music. With Tune My Music you can transfer and keep synced all your music library in multiple music streaming services without having to edit each playlist manually in each service.

Spotify Playlists

Spotify boasts a library filled with millions of playlists that are crafted by users globally, Spotify’s team of specialists, and Spotify’s state of the art algorithms. These playlists are an excellent opportunity to showcase your music to a vast audience, which includes millions of potential fans. Spotify gives you the opportunity to share these playlists with the world through social media and by giving other Spotify listeners’ the ability to subscribe to your playlist and/or follow you on their platform.

So, a good tip is that Spotify gives their listeners’ carte blanche ownership over their personal playlists. Spotify users get to showcase their unique tastes over and over again each time they build a playlist that fits their mood.

With this ability, Spotify also offers unique personalized playlists created by algorithms. These algorithms look at listener habits (what they play, save, share, skip, etc.) and the habits of people with similar tastes. In fact, the more followers you have, the more personalized playlists you are a part of.

Popular personalized playlists include:

  • – Discover Weekly
  • – Release Radar
  • – Daily Mix
  • – On Repeat
  • – Repeat Rewind
Hand holding smartphone with Spotify logo with a beautiful sunset blur background.

If you see a Spotify logo in the top-left corner of the playlist you’re jamming to, that means you’re enjoying a Spotify Editorial Playlist. These playlists are carefully curated by Spotify’s playlist editors. Spotify says their playlist editors are specialists in genre, lifestyle, and culture. The best part? They ensure they hire a wide range of playlist editors with diverse backgrounds. A good number of the editorial playlists actually have several editors in different locations contributing to their development to ensure they offer the best music from all around the world.

Spotify takes their editorial playlists a step further by offering personalizations to fit the Spotify playlist listeners’ taste. For example, a playlist of ‘rock hits’ will contain songs the listener already likes, suggestions based on their taste, and will look different for each listener.

Spotify also gives listeners who create their own music the opportunity to pitch songs from an upcoming release to their playlist editors. Does Spotify ever not give their users the chance to truly make their Spotify experience one-of-a-kind?

Spotify Blend

Music has always been a medium for bonding, from the days of classical concerts to modern-day road trips and social media. Last year, Spotify took group listening to the next level by launching Blend—a shared playlist that combines personalization and collaborative functionality. Spotify Blend makes it easy for friends, families—or anyone in between—to enjoy a playlist that’s tailored to their tastes in an interactive way. This is a golden tip to have a special connection with your loved ones.

Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Spotify Blend dashboard feature after a blend is made.

Recently, Spotify updated the Blend feature with two new advances. First is a boost that allows you to add up to 10 people per group: whether it’s your running club or favorite coworkers—everyone gets paired! Each of your Spotify Blend cohorts can rearrange songs so they play in their preferred order when listening together. The second update lets you Blend with some of your favorite artists.

Unsure how t o utilize Spotify Blend? We will break it down for you below, but if you want to learn even more about Spotify’s newest hit feature click here.

To create a Spotify blend with your group, just follow a few easy steps: 

  • – Search for “Blend” on your Spotify app
  • – Go to the “Genres & Mood” section (or tab on the mobile app) once you search for Blend in the search bar
  • – Then, tap “Blend”
  • – Tap on the square with a + to create a blend
  • – Now you’ll see the option to “invite”
  • – You can copy the link to share and start a Blend with your friends and followers where they’ll see the option to “Join This Blend”
  • – Once your friend has accepted the invite, the app will generate your shared Blend Spotify playlist, which will include songs and recommendations that reflect everyone’s music preferences and tastes. It also includes cards showing how similar or different your tastes are.
  • – You’ll even be able to see which songs were added for which friend by having their profile picture and name next to each song int he playlist.
Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Spotify mobile app showing the Blend feature once you search for "blend" on the search bar inside the app.

Spotify Collaborative Playlist

Even if you’re like me and prefer to stay in your own bubble as often as possible, it’s impossible to deny that we live in a social world. These days we share everything from photos of our meals, to personal issues and challenges we face, to live videos of concerts we attend so our friends can feel like they’re right there next to us. So, why wouldn’t we want our Spotify experience to be any different?

It’s no secret that Spotify makes it easy to share your personal playlists, favorite songs, or listening stats with your friends on social media. However, Spotify takes it one giant leap further with their Collaborative Playlist feature. Honestly, when do they not give us everything we ask for and then some?

Spotify’s Collaborative Playlist feature allows you to create a playlist and invite other users to it so that everyone can contribute songs to enjoy on a singular playlist together. Any member of the collaborative playlist can add new tracks to it. Thanks to this great feature everyone can suggest new songs and a few of their all-time favorite tunes to their friends

A collaborative playlist is a fantastic way to build a playlist with the best songs for any occasion. Your chosen collaborators can create a unique mixtape for your upcoming road trip, next ladies’ night, or even a boat trip this summer. 

By creating a collaborative playlist, you can merge your music tastes into one shared playlist, and make it more tailored to the group. You don’t want to miss this excellent opportunity to exchange music with your favorite human. 

Ready to start creating your own Collaborative Playlist on Spotify? Fantastic. Follow these easy steps to get started now:

  1. 1) Open Spotify and click on the “Your Library” tab.
  2. 2) Click on Create Playlist.
  3. 3) Give your playlist a name, add a description and/or an image of some sort, and choose whether it will be public or private. You can also start off by adding tracks for people to listen to when they’re added as collaborators on your list.
  4. 4) Invite your collaborators by either clicking on the person icon or the three dots icon next to it—if you choose that option, scroll down and find “Invite Collaborators.” Clicking will bring up many sharing options for Spotify; just select your favorite humans!
  5. 5) Copy the link and share it with your friends through text or send an invite on social apps.
  6. 6) Once they accept the
  7. invitation, they can start adding their music.

Spotify Wrapped

If you love music, then you know that Spotify Wrapped is an annual celebration of the ways it connects us—and a great way to reflect on what we’ve been listening to all year. One of the best things about Wrapped is seeing how many other Spotify listeners are discovering new artists and connecting over their shared love of music through the year. 

With this tip, if you’re new to Spotify, or haven’t taken advantage of Spotify Wrapped yet, check out our article on all things Spotify Wrapped here.

Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Spotify Wrapped 2022 banner.

At the end of 2022 Spotify introduced a new feature called “Audio Day,” which breaks down how your listening habits change throughout the day. Last year, Spotify also launched “music personalities,” a Myers-Briggs style test that uses four-letter codes to categorize how people listen to music. After you launched your Spotify Wrapped session, you were assigned to a category which included “Specialist,” “The Replayer,” “Early Adopter,” “Voyager,” “Adventurer,” or “Fanclubber.” Spotify included messages from artists in its Wrapped mix, thanking fans for listening enough to get that artist on the list. Artists include Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. 

Spotify knows how to keep a celebration going, so they also included beautiful graphic cards that let Spotify listeners’ share their “Audio Day,” “Spotify Wrapped,” and “Spotify Wrapped Personality” with friends on social media.

Playlist Enhance

Spotify offers a playlist enhance feature which spruces up your pre-existing playlists. Conveniently located at the top of the playlist deck is an “enhance” button. All you have to do is click that button and wait, as Spotify uses its fancy algorithms to add new songs to your playlist that match your musical vibe. 

Here are the simple steps to spruce up your Spotify playlist: 

  1. 1) Open the Spotify app and log into your account (NOTE: this option is ONLY available for Spotify Premium users.)
  2. 2) On the left side of the desktop app, click on “library”, then click on the “playlists” tab. 
  3. 3) Select the playlist you want to enhance. 
  4. 4) Click “enhance”. 
  5. 5) Filter through the recommendations and remove any unwanted tunes. 
  6. 6) Keep the tunes you DO want by clicking the “+” button. 
  7. 7) Make your awesome new playlist LIVE by clicking the “enhance” button one more time. 
  8. 8) ENJOY your new Spotify playlist! 

Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Spotify's playlists enhance feature showing in a desktopdashboard.

Third Party Apps & Services That Also Speak The Language Of Love (Sharing Music)

You can take your Spotify enjoyment even further with third-party apps like TuneMyMusic, which allows you to transfer and sync playlists between different music streaming services, making it easy to switch to Spotify if you’re feeling the urge after reading how amazing they make the user experience. Receiptify, another third-party app, creates a receipt based on your listening habits. There are countless ways to elevate your Spotify experience with third-party services, we’ll break down our favorites below. With all that being said, here you find a list of cool tricks and tips using tools outside Spotify to boost your music listening experience.


Tune My Music is a platform that allows users to transfer playlists from one streaming service and import them into another. This app supports popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deeper, and Amazon Music.

Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Screenshot of the Tune My Music website homepage showing the call-to-action "Let's start" button.

What makes TuneMyMusic an excellent platform?

  • User-friendly interface: TuneMyMusic has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to transfer their music playlists without any hassle.
  • It’s free: you can transfer entire music libraries with up to 500 tracks without creating an account or paying for it.
  • Wide range of supported music streaming services: TuneMyMusic supports a variety of music streaming services, making it a versatile app for music enthusiasts.
  • Efficient transfer: The app transfers music playlists efficiently without any data loss or quality reduction in a matter of seconds.
  • Multi-platform support: TuneMyMusic is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Sync Playlists Between services: that’s right, you can keep multiple playlists and accounts synced using TuneMyMusic sync feature. It’s easy and super fun for us.

TuneMyMusic is a great option for users looking to transfer their music playlists between different streaming services and much more. The service also offers playlist sharing options, so you can send over your masterpiece to any of your favorite humans who are on a different music streaming service. The love language of sharing music no longer has borders thanks to TuneMyMusic’s Playlist Share feature.


Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Receiptify app receipt like Spotify stats results showing a list of songs like in a wrinkle receipt paper.

Receiptify is a simple, yet unique tool for Spotify users that provides detailed statistics about their Spotify listening habits. It’s a nice trick to have this tool where users can create personalized “receipts” that display their ten most-played tracks from each time period: last month, last six months and all time.

For added fun, you can even download your receipts and then share them on your social media platforms to compare your favorite tunes with friends. 

Just look at my Spotify receipt from Receiptify, doesn’t it just look fun? Its design truly makes it an enjoyable tool and a great way to visualize one’s listening habits.

Whether you’re a casual listener or a die-hard music fan, Receiptify offers a fun and engaging way to explore your music preferences and discover new songs and artists.


Groovifi gives you a Spotify experience unlike any other. This is a playlist-generator app that allows you to customize your Spotify playlist by applying multiple filters. Groovifi can create the perfect playlist for any situation so let your imagination soar and watch as your Spotify playlists become groovier than ever! It’s this easy:

  1. 1) Choose a song from Spotify (either from an existing playlist or browse Spotify’s massive song library). 
  2. 2) Choose whichever filters you prefer, in order to best suit your situation and wait as Groovifi works its magic!
  3. 3) Once your playlist meets your expectations (or exceeds them), simply SAVE your playlist and enjoy it forever!

Some of Groovifi’s amazing filters include: 

  • – MOOD – from electronic to acoustic, energetic to mellow, happy to sad, danceable to chill and even popular to obscure… set the slider to the exact placement that you want and watch the filter change your playlist before your eyes. 
  • – SPORT – this is where you can filter your playlist based on the tempo of songs. Your workout playlist has never been better!
  • – MUSIC PRO – filter songs by musical key, mode or rhythm until you have the perfect Spotify playlist. 
  • – OTHER – this feature allows you to choose songs that are in your favorite genre. If you prefer concert recordings of songs, you can choose those too! It even allows you to filter tracks with explicit content so you never have to worry about what your kids might hear. 

Boil The Frog

Boil The Frog, a Spotify companion app, adapted the concept that if you put the frog in cold water and slowly increase the temperature, it won’t notice that it is being boiled. Boil the Frog lets you create a playlist of songs in which each track takes you gradually from one music style to another.

You can create a playlist that successfully combines different musical styles, so that the listener is unaware of any shifts in mood. Think of all the possibilities with playlists like Miley Cyrus to Miles Brown or Metallica to Mickey Mouse.

I don’t know about you, but I love a challenge and Boil The Frog seems like the perfect third-party Spotify app to let me flex my out of the box thinking. If you need me, I’ll be trying to think of more random artists to see how many new playlist combinations Boil The Frog can offer.

Birth Hits

We all know someone who loves to proclaim it’s their birthday all week, or even all month long. They take celebrating a few levels higher than the rest of us. While you might not be ready to party for 31 straight (or 28 days in my case) what’s stopping you from taking the celebration of all things y-o-u to the next level? 

We’ve got the perfect app to help you do just that! Birth Hits lets you listen to whoever was topping the Billboard Music Charts on the day you were born. After all, Billboard Music Charts have been the most popular (maybe most respected) music charts for the longest time now.

It really is as simple to use as it sounds. Head over to Birth Hit’s website, pick your birthdate from the calendar, and generate the Billboards playlist for that day. If you’re feeling in the mood for an even bigger celebration you can skip that particular day’s playlist and instead make a customized playlist of all your birthdays going back to the day you were born.

Once you have your list of chart-toppers, open it as a playlist in Spotify. If you’re on mobile, it can be opened on the Spotify app. Then save it and share it with friends.


Do you spend every year waiting in excited anticipation for your favorite music festival’s lineup? Do you find yourself disappointed in the organizers when they miss the mark completely? Maybe you even find yourself thinking, “I could do better than that!”

Well then friend let me introduce you to an app called Instafest. When you sign in to Instafest and connect it to your Spotify account it’s algorithm will create a music festival poster for you based on your Spotify listening habits. Instafest will generate a poster based on the artists to whom you most listened. You can customize the poster based on time intervals — last four weeks, last six months and all time.

You can also select different styles of posters such as Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk. The app also calculates what it calls “Basic Score,” which rates the distinctiveness of your fest. The lower the score—the more niche you are!

Once you generate your Instafest poster, you will also be able to rename your music festival, hide/show your username and hide/show your Basic Score if you wish.

Sort Your Music

Find yourself bragging about your organization skills? Us too!

If you’re a music nerd and a neat freak, you’ll love Sort Your Music. If you choose, it can sort your playlists by any imaginable criteria. You can view information on the music’s release, intensity, danceability, popularity, and more simply by selecting a specific genre. Have insomnia and need a playlist that helps you settle your anxious mind, and accompanying racing heart? Sort My Music even lets you organize your playlist by Beats Per Minute, so you can truly curate a calming playlist to help you start and stay snoozing.

Just follow these steps:

  1. 1. Login with your Spotify credentials 
  2. 2. Pick your playlist
  3. 3. Sort the playlist by clicking on the column headings in the playlist table
  4. 4. Save the sorted playlist to Spotify

When discussing Sort Your Music, the first thing that comes to mind is my favorite quote from Kady Herring on Mean Girls, “the limit does not exist.”


When it comes to enhancing your Spotify listening experience don’t forget about Reddit! Now, I know that the world can be broken into three categories: Reddit Loves, Reddit Haters, and Reddit Is Okay Every Once In A While When I Need Answers And Google Isn’t Giving Them To Me People. But, hear me out.

There are countless communities on Reddit where users share and discover new artists, new songs, inspiration for playlists, and playlist names, making it a great resource. It’s true that you’ll have to be very intentional about which Sub-Reddit posts and conversations you venture to. However, it can be a gold mine of good information and even better information when it comes to getting the most out of your Spotify account.

Spotify Will Always Get An A+ When It Comes To Giving Its Listeners A Premium Experience

There are countless ways to elevate your Spotify experience. Whether you’re using Spotify’s unique features like Wrapped and Blend or exploring third-party apps like TuneMyMusic and Receiptify. 

Year after year Spotify ensures there’s no shortage of ways to discover new music and create a personalized listening experience. They’re always adding new artists, new songs, and new features to help you stay up to date with the latest chart toppers and the best bands you haven’t heard of yet.

Let’s take a look at the variety of ways Spotify gives listeners to keep expanding their taste in music.

Discover Weekly

Diversify your music on Mondays with a new playlist of 30 songs you haven’t played yet!

With Discover Weekly, Spotify will keep a record of your listening habits, including whether you play a song once, skip or replay songs. Then, it adds the information to your preference profile and analyzes it in relation to other profiles that have a similar composition. Finally, it determines which songs you have not heard before in order to provide you with an accurate recommendation.

The new suggestions are a combination of songs by musicians that you are not familiar with and songs by your favorite performers that are not as well known.

If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, log into your account and click on the “search” option. From there you can scroll down until you see the “discover” option. Click on that option to see what your Discover Weekly playlist contains.

Discovering new music has never been easier!

Release Radar

Like to be the first to know? Get brand new music every Friday from all your favorite bands.

Release Radar is a playlist of new releases that updates every Friday. Listeners get new music from: Artists they follow. Artists they listen to. Other artists we think they’ll like.

Spotify’s Release Radar feature is one of their best features. Release Radar is a Spotify playlist that is updated every Friday with new releases. It is unique to each Spotify listener, while still showcasing new artists and upcoming album releases.

How? I’m so glad you asked. Spotify uses your statistics and listening habits to build your Release Radar playlist to be a carefully curated mix of artists you listen to, artists you follow, and other artists Spotify’s playlist editors think you’ll enjoy discovering.

You can find your Release Radar playlist on your Home Screen if you’re already subscribed to the playlist. If you’re just discovering this Spotify feature, then you’ll have a few extra steps to follow.

Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Spotify Release Radar card showing in the mobile app.

You can use either of the two methods below to find your Release Radar playlist.

Method One:
1. Click on the “Search” icon
2. Scroll down to “New Releases” and tap on that selection
3. You should see the Release Radar Playlist option here.

Method Two:
1. Click on the “Search” icon
2. Search for “Release Radar Playlist”

Now, if you’ve heard of the New Music Friday playlist you may be wondering what the difference between these two playlists is. New Music Friday offers new releases from every artist and every genre world-wide. Release Radar still showcases only music released within the last 28 days, but Spotify uses its algorithm and your listening habits to make sure it is relevant to you to ensure you enjoy jamming out to it every Friday.

New Music Friday

New Music Friday is a Spotify playlist of new releases that updates every Friday. This playlist is NOT the playlist for you if you like your music listening sessions to be short and sweet. The New Music Friday playlist is currently sitting at a run time of 5 hours and 26 minutes. And, clearly Spotify knows what its listeners want because this Spotify playlist has over 4 million followers.

New Music Friday is curated by Spotify’s dedicated playlist editors. As a general rule they only include new music. There are very few exceptions to this rule but occasionally the playlist editors make exceptions for remixes, covers, or live versions of a song that was previously released. This is influenced by the extent to which a new version is culturally relevant and if it differs in ways meaningful enough from its precursor.You can use either of the two methods below to find Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

Tricks on How to Boost Spotify Experience article. Spotify New Music Friday option on a mobile app screen.

Method One:
1. Click on the “Search” icon
2. Scroll down to “New Releases” and tap on that selection
3. You should see the New Music Friday Playlist option here.

Method Two:
1. Click on the “Search” icon
2. Search for “New Music Friday Playlist”

TV & Movies Feature

Watched a movie or TV show recently and can’t get a song out of your head? You also can’t find it by typing the lyrics into Goog? Well, Spotify has got you covered with their TV & Movies feature as a genre so you can enjoy all your favorite screen tunes.

All you have to do is choose the show or movie the song was in and pull up the playlist!

Are You A Podcast Addict Rather Than A Melomaniac?

Spotify is still here to serve you the best listening experience regardless. Spotify’s podcast section has become increasingly popular over the past few years thanks in large part to its vast selection of podcasts that are easily searchable by topic, genre, and host. From news and politics to sports and entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

Another move that set Spotify apart in the podcast streaming game is the fact that Spotify has been actively investing in exclusive podcast content, partnering with popular hosts and celebrities to produce original shows that can only be found on Spotify. This includes podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience and The Michelle Obama Podcast. With its vast library of podcasts, exclusive content, and user-friendly interface, it’s a great platform for discovering and sharing podcasts. 

Below we will go over the extra mile, I mean extra features, Spotify provides its podcast listening users.

Podcast Transcripts Feature

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a podcast and wanted to pull a quote to share but then couldn’t find it by skipping around.

Now we don’t have to!

Follow these steps to find transcripts for your favorite podcast episodes:

  1. 1. Open the Spotify app
  2. 2. Click on Your Library
  3. 3. Click on your favorite podcast
  4. 4. Select your preferred episode
  5. 5. On the episode page you’ll see the option for “Episode Transcript.” Click this option to 

Podcast Content Share Feature

Share a podcast to a friend by timestamp! Instead of digging through the whole episode, some are rather lengthy, choose to share the exact timestamp you want them to start at.

Just choose the “share” button and then “share from” and choose your timestamp. So simple!

Group Session Feature

A Group Session is available for Spotify Premium subscribers who want to listen to music or a podcast together in real time. Log into your Spotify Premium account. From the home page: 

  1. 1) Select a song that you want to play.
  2. 2) From there, look at the bottom right corner of the play bar and click on the icon that looks like a computer hiding behind a cell phone. 
  3. 3) Tap “start a remote group session”
  4. 4) Tap “invite friends” or tap the “+” option. 
  5. 5) Then select how you want to share OR choose “copy link” to send it to your friends. 

It’s no secret that over the past few years, Spotify’s music streaming service has seen considerable development, becoming more predictive and individualized while incorporating a wider variety of musical genres and podcasts. Spotify has earned the top spot among its streaming service competitors by providing listeners with a music-listening experience that is unmatched.

Wow! That was a lot of cool tricks and tips for you to make the best out of your Spotify subscription. However, if you’re still thirsty for more cool tips and tricks, check out our How-to articles page to learn other amazing things you can do with Spotify and other music streaming services.