What Is Spotify Wrapped And How To See It?

Spotify Wrapped feature for this year is up, and this is what you need to know about it. Understand what is and how to see the yearly Spotify Wrapped feature.
Spotify wrapped 2023

The year is almost finished, and for most of the Spotify fanatics, this means only one thing: Spotify Wrapped is here!

In 2023, did you find new ways to enjoy music? Was the year a good one for your favorite artists—or did some rising stars capture your attention and imagination? What about your favorite podcast? It’s hard to imagine a year in which music wasn’t being made, and new podcasts haven’t been launched, but it’s even harder not to be excited about the incredible artists who are coming up with new ways to bring us joy.

At the end of each year, Spotify gives users some interesting facts about our listening habits and stats on how we have used the music platform. This exciting feature is called Wrapped, which is widely shared by Spotify users on social media. You probably have seen it, but if you don’t know what it is, this article will help you.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

If you love music, then you know that Spotify Wrapped is an annual celebration of the fantastic ways that music connects us all. If you don’t know what this annually launched Spotify feature is, which is long awaited by most of its users, then here is a quick explanation. Spotify Wrapped is a collection of numbers for all the songs, artists, albums, music genres, and podcasts you have listed throughout the year. Spotify shows you what you have listened to most during the year ending and prompts you with a nice presentation and fun facts about your listening taste for music or even podcasts. It’s also a helpful tool that allows us to reflect on the year that was and looks forward to what’s in store for the future. The best part of Wrapped is seeing how many people are listening, discovering new artists, and connecting over their shared love of music. It shows you in an Instagram stories format that you can share through your social media.

This year, Spotify has come up with some interesting new features for Wrapped. When opening your Spotify Wrapped, you will have a city attached to your musical taste that better describes your musical preferences. Not just that, it also has a personalized video message from artists who are among your top 5 listeners. Spotify gathered 60,000 artists around the globe to record custom dedicated videos for fans that have them featured in their top listened-to artists of 2023.

Another cool new feature on Spotify Wrapped this year is 12 different characters and musical personality traits attached to your music listening habit.

To quote Spotify:

“There’s something about this past year that felt especially chaotic with regards to how people consumed culture. We really wanted to acknowledge that feeling because it felt very accurate to 2023. Amidst all this, we realized that “your Wrapped doesn’t lie.” The data is real. And so we leaned into creating the realest Wrapped ever.” – Spotify’s Global Head of Marketing Experience, Louisa Ferguson.

Can I see Spotify Wrapped on my computer desktop?

This year’s big news is that you can also see your Spotify Wrapped on your computer. Just open your browser and access the page spotify.com/wrapped/. If you are logged into your Spotify account, the wrapped cards will show up automatically. Otherwise, you will be directed to the Wrapped page, where you can log into your Spotify account and see your special Spotify Wrapped.

How to see Spotify Wrapped?

There are three ways to find and see your Spotify Wrapped in your mobile app: 

  • Option 1: Open the Spotify app, and a banner about Spotify Wrapped is prominently displayed on your screen. You just need to tap on it, and the presentation for all your stats will start. 

  • Option 2: A option for Spotify Wrapped will be listed right on top of the app screen right next to the music and podcast shortcut options. The Wrapped option will have a colorful circular border.

  • Option 3: Go to the search tab, and it will be shown as one of the quick options on the screen.

More about Spotify Wrapped

With Spotify Wrapped 2023, you are able to see and purchase dedicated merchandise from your favorite artists.

Another great news this year is that Spotify incorporated its other feature, Spotify Blend, into Spotify Wrapped, creating a blend playlist with your favorite and your friends. To learn more about how Spotify Blend works, check our dedicated feature so you can know everything about Spotify Blend.

Lastly, Spotify also creates a dedicated playlist with your year-round most listened-to songs and artists. This is an interesting way of having a compilation of your favorite tunes in just one playlist created specifically for you by Spotify. You can share or transfer that dedicated playlist with TuneMyMusic so you can listen to it on any other music streaming service or share it with others that don’t use Spotify.

Explore Wrapped and go beyond!

Once you open it, one of the cool things about the Wrapped is the option to create a special playlist with the top 100 songs played by you throughout the year. It’s an excellent way to make the year that it is ending stay in your memory and eternalize it in a playlist. More than that, you can even share that playlist with all your friends and social media followers by using the Tune My Music Share feature.

With Tune My Music Share, you can select the playlist specially created by Spotify just for you and generate a unique page. It’s a special page where you can add a name and a description and have people access it and even copy the playlists to their account no matter what music streaming service they use, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, or others.

Now that you know what the Wrapped featured, go explore it. Play with it, and best of all, share with all your friends!

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